As the release date for SWISH gradually gets closer and closer, Kanye West has decided to reveal to his eager fans the highly anticipated tracklisting to his 7th studio album.

There’s been a lot of speculation recently about whether Kanye will in fact follow through with his promise of a Feb 11th release for his album SWISH, after a year of broken promises and false hope, but with this tracklisting posted directly from his Twitter, it seems that he’s going to actually follow through with his release promise.

Read bellow the tracklisting:

  1. Nina Chop
  2. Father Stretch My Hands
  3. Waves
  4. High Lights
  5. 30 Hours
  6. No More Parties In L.A.
  7. Fade
  8. FML
  9. Real Friends
  10. Wolves

It’s quite the interesting tracklisting full of intriguing titles and anticipation. The first thing core fans may notice is the lack of appearance from All Day and Only One, the only two songs Kanye had released officially last year.  Other previewed songs such as Wolves and Fade, which premiered at his ADIDAS fashion show, have made the tracklisting.

Kanye self described this album as the “greatest album of all time” whether this statement is true or not will not be decided until Feb 11th, one thing we can’t deny is that this album has been highly anticipated for over a year now and the excitement is completely justified. Bring on SWISH, it’s about time.

Words by Connor Spilsbury-Brown



Professional bother-er and electoral candidate Kanye West has finally confirmed the release of SWISH (previously So Help Me God), announcing the revival of his weekly G.O.O.D Friday grat-tracking alongside the LP.

The news of Yeezy record has been floating around the internet since all the way back in March, with West himself taking to Twitter to confirm a February 11th release date. No track list has appeared yet; Wolves, All Day, Facts and Only One are all set to crop up.

The first in the G.O.O.D Friday revival has come in the form of Real Friends / No More Parties In L.A, the later featuring Kendrick Lamar on guest verse duties, marking West’s mellowest effort since his 808’s and Heartbreak effort.

Stream Real Friends / No More Parties In L.A below.


Words by Bill Baker