Dave drops visuals for “Hangman”

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After reigning the year of 2017 with his hit records No Words and Question Time, collaborating with Joey Bada$$, a sold out tour to making an appearance on Drake’s album “More Life” it seems 2018 will be another victorious one for the London rapper with the release of his first single of the year “Hangman” accompanied with visuals.

Directed by Jeaniq and Dir. LX, Dave is captured at ease in his naturalness spitting some intelligible charging verses on the streets of his hometown Streatham with his friends bouncing their heads and smirking at his clever use of wordplay.

Centred around an unembellished piano driven production by Nana Rogues, The Brit nominee raids the progressive beat with his gripping storytelling and eloquent rhyming, with references to knife crime to the TV series Peaky Blinders – “I brought the fam together like when Tommy got the black hand” 

Tunes like Thiago Silva and Samantha, the rapper’s love for composer Hans Zimmer and mentions of politics in his music proves Dave is an artist that cannot be categorised. But with a stripped back video matched with simple yet striking words sold with passion and sincerity, the rising star delivers the song as a powerful message to be heard.

Watch the visuals for Hangman on YouTube now.


Words by, Melissa Kasule


Edited by George Kennedy

Jac Jones drops new mix, ‘BTEC Rollers,’

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Jac Jones is a freelance DJ based in West-Wales, who uses the technique of mixing a range of chopped and screwed drub beats, whilst dabbling in off-kiltered dynamic piercing sounds to create his best drum and bass tracks. Mixing on Pioneer Decks and composing his sounds via Serato DJ software.

On Tuesday 30th January he added to his soundcloud collection a new fetching drum and bass track called BTEC Rollers, BTEC Rollers weaves in heavy basslines, whilst intertwining poly rhythmic beats.

BTEC Rollers is a 19 minute glitchy, industrial and raw track that mimics primitive dj methods. Around seven minutes into the track Jac progressively delivers a mix and blend technique as he merges in Alix Perez ft BENABU- Numbers. The change between his mix and the critically acclaimed drum and bass track is a swift transaction. The reverse of his deck adds in a complimentary spin and is what helps adds to the build up of he transition so well.

Towards the end of Numbers you hear a tingle of indistinct spacious noises, however overlapping is a hard-juddering beat that dominates the subtle noises of harmonic chimes. This beat is a continuous tremor, that, at points has a heavy double drop, creating a intensive wave of distinctive beats.

At 10:41, Jac replaces the heavy boom production of the baseline with liquid drum and bass, sending you on what feels like a trippy, acidic journey. From looping hard beats, to weaving in hypnotic vibrations. However, the transition between doesn’t last for long as he slowly begins to add  in his 175bpm routine.

BTEC Rollers experiments with a wave of varied sounds, pioneering piercing trebles, whilst dabbling in gradual baseline drops.

If you haven’t already, go have a listen to BTEC Rollers by Jac Jones on Soundcloud, here

Make sure to follow his Soundcloud to check out more of his work: Jac Jones: Soundcloud

Majid Jordan – The Space Between (Album Review)

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Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman complete the Toronto duo Majid Jordan – a group who have grown with the guidance of being signed to Drake’s OVO label. This relaxed second album of theirs solidifies a pop-R&B groove we know as their own.

A phrase like ‘The Space Between’ often refers to a period of indecision we can feel when experiencing emotional and physical pressure, but Majid Jordan have redefined this for listeners here. For the duo, ‘The Space Between’ is very much a peaceful choice they’ve already made, and were happy making. A comfortable and rewarding position transferred into musical output is what we listen to on this project.

On their self-titled debut, Majid Jordan perhaps struggled with creating and maintaining a structure which was accessible to an R&B audience who wanted some pop influences too. A mixture of those is what we got on paper, but in an order and format which made uniting the album harder than needed. We discover now that in the 20 months since then, Majid Jordan have homed in on a more certain theme of blending the two together and this album helps define the group more than their debut. As the cover art shows – the ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ tracks enclose the project, giving it a controlled ambience, with claustrophobic undertones.

Producer Jordan Ullman gets creative from the very off. A mechanic opening transitions suddenly into the drums, starting off ‘Gave Your Love Away’, one of the best songs here. The qualities of this track sum up the best things about the album in the sense that it’s classic Majid Jordan, it’s infectious. ‘OG Heartthrob’ is moody as Al Maskati longs for a rekindle with an ex- girlfriend. Continuing the theme of decisiveness, this track knows exactly what it is sonically and lyrically, as do ‘Body Talk’ and the collaboration with label-mate PARTYNEXTDOOR ‘One I Want’. They have that pop appeal, and give attention to one love interest or one desire.

A less lyrically focused piece is ‘Not Ashamed’. Vocal experimentation which sounds like a guest feature from Daft Punk and a spikey beat act as a stage for Al Maskati to fire accusations towards another woman. Whilst being somewhat inventive for their standards, the best thing about the track is the transition into ‘One I Want’, which rivals ‘Gave Your Love Away’ for top spot here. The track really encapsulates that claustrophobic element and sets a tone for fast delivery from both PARTYNEXTDOOR and Al Maskati. The second collaborative effort on this album is ‘My Imagination’ with dvsn, also from OVO of course. Nineteen85 gives the song a bubbly character which helps Al Maskati and Daley sing gorgeous falsettos, reminiscent of dvsn’s recent album ‘Morning After’.

The most forgettable tracks on this project come one after the other. Whilst ‘Phases’ and ‘Asleep’ are fun to dance to and pleasing to listen to once or twice (before moving on), when put into the album’s context, they stand out as weaker. Which is a shame considering the lyrical content at the beginning of ‘Phases’ addresses things the duo never has before such as their mixed background and immigrant identity. ‘Asleep’ includes a monotonous high-pitched hook which becomes grating when it interrupts the nicely blended verses.

Where Majid Jordan perfect the woozy and spacious R&B style is with the track ‘You’, and the title track. The former is brilliantly candid – Al Maskati is thinking about a girl and simply wants to enjoy her company again. This song sounds like something Justin Bieber or The Weeknd would perform very well, but the fact that Majid Jordan created it speaks testament to their obvious talents as musicians. Penultimate track ‘The Space Between’ is similarly attractive in its delivery and sounds like it would go nicely over the top of a credits sequence at the end of a film – a description given by many to the fabulous songs from their 2014 EP ‘A Place Like This’.

‘The Space Between’ is better refined than the group’s debut album, with simpler writing and a cemented sense of what sound it wants to be. Most songs here would stand alone with no problem, but to consume the project together would be leisured and solace. Whether Majid Jordan have found their best form is unclear, and I suspect they haven’t, but what they’ve definitely found is firm grounds upon which they can coast, culminating in a second album which is far from a slump.


Words by,

George Kennedy


UCA Epsom present Air Drop and Bedroom Boredom

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At UCA music marketing students are asked to put on gigs and events at the students union as a part of their course. Some of the second years have already put dates onto this event for this year in hopes to encourage a more social atmosphere to UCA in Epsom.

On the 9th November Amy Heddle will be co-organising a gig in collaboration with the student union in the canteen. Presenting Air Drop, Bedroom Boredom and special guests. The show kicks off at 7pm on the Tuesday. You can purchase tickets here for just £2 or pay £3.50 at the door.

Those who go to UCA know that there’s not a huge social culture when it comes to events here and so us music students want to try and change that! Everyone is welcome, including friends outside of uni so bring anyone and everyone.


For more details on the bands check out their socials:


Bedroom Boredom Facebook


Words by,

Laviea Thomas

Don Broco drop new single and announce UK tour dates

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The Bedford four-piece Don Broco recently announced dates for their UK tour. Alongside this, yesterday they unleashed a fearsome rock track, ‘T-Shirt’. The guitar driven song is a heavy mesh of pop-rock and is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming album Technology.

The tour kicks off in February 2018 and includes a total of eleven dates across Europe.  In addition, they will also be making an appearance at London’s Alexandra Palace as they play a headline show on November 11th.


Yesterday they released their new track, ‘T-Shirt’ is a pop-rock bluster of inflamed guitar riffs and weaves in vocals moaned by lead singer Rob Damiani. Damiani openly speaks out that the track is “very personal and inspired by previous relationships.”

Mixing a range of pop, funk and metal sounds, the rock-infected track has already been played by Annie Mac on BBC radio 1 and has reached critical acclaims since yesterday’s release.

Full UK tour dates as follows:

08/02 – Portsmouth, Pyramids
09/02 – Bristol, O2 Academy
10/02 – Cardiff, Great Hall
12/02 – Norwich, UEA
13/02 – Nottingham, Rock City
15/02 – Birmingham, O2 Academy
16/02 – Manchester, Academy
17/02 – Leeds, O2 Academy
19/02 – Newcastle, Northumbria Institute
20/02 – Aberdeen, Garage
21/02 – Glasgow, Barrowland


Listen to T-shirt  HERE .

The full album will be released on February 2nd via sharptone records, however you can still pre order via  WWW.DONBROCO.COM


Words by,

Laviea Thomas

BBC Amplify Review

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Marking 10 years of BBC Introducing, Amplify became the first music convention of this size to take over the Excel, London with over 100 sessions and 250 guest speakers. It homed a variety of masterclasses, performances and Q&A’s making it valuable for all musicians and anyone willing to pursue a career in the music industry.

On Sunday 8th October current Music Journalist student Louise Tindall, ventured into London to attend the BBC Amplify event. Here’s what she got up to.

After a morning of learning skills on protecting your voice, creating a sound and how to run a campaign with a low budget, The Hunna kicked off the afternoon in The Journey Theatre with a panel hosted by Radio 1’s Phil Taggart. After expecting the hour not to be particularly useful, I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to talk about the criticism they’ve received from their social media presence and how they’ve gone from nothing to selling out the O2 Academy, Brixton in just two years. They spoke in detail about their previous musical endeavours, how they believed that to have helped them and why growing up together has allowed them to connect with fans. Joined onstage by their manager, they spoke about being forced to delete all previous online accounts until they had over 500 songs written and were deemed ready. After opening up to audience questions, they continued to discuss whether they wish they’d done things differently and how other artists could go about having a similar impact.

Following on from this was the ‘I can’t get you out of my headline’ panel featuring the editor of NME, Gigwise and the founder of Popped Music. Here they focused on how, from a journalists’ perspective, was best to get your demos noticed and featured in their relevant publications. They talked heavily about the difference between being persistent and being annoying in relation to how many times you send them your work as well as highlighting the importance of targeting the right brand.

After more mingling and demo sharing the day came to a close with The Hunna performing a short, fifteen-minute set on The Amp stage, attracting a large crowd of artists ready to further their careers.

Words by Louise Tindall

Edited by George Kennedy


Astral Project announce new single Athena

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It’s not long now until the release of the debut single Athena from Manchester psych rock band Astral Project. The band have noticeably been working hard on this and are excited to finally let us have at it. it will be available to us all on Monday 14 August on iTunes and Spotify.

The band consists of Abbi Parcell on vocals; Scott Woodcock on guitar; Jack Biggs on drums; Emma Rosson on bass; and Sophie Erasmus playing the Keyboard. They formed almost a year ago with Scott and Jack knowing each other from a previous band.

A few of their influences being Sonic Youth, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mazzy Star and The Who, you really get a feel of that as soon as the fuzzy opening guitar riff fires in. The song gets straight to the point and you can certainly hear distinctive aspects from each of their influences and it’s all combined flawlessly.

With a catchy, hard-hitting drum beat and swirling guitar leads, there comes Abbi’s raucous vocals which immediately make me think of Band of Skulls’ Emma Richardson mixed with a little bit of Tess Parks. They have said themselves that the song is a flashback to 60s rock, and that if Jefferson Airplane and The Who had a love child, they’d be the result – and you can definitely sense that.

They recorded the single at Hope Mill Studios in Manchester, and within just two days they had recorded and mixed the whole thing – Jack states it was done on a “wave of euphoria”.

Towards the end of the song, after building and building – the tempo swiftly changes and creates a much calmer and somewhat hypnotic atmosphere. The song as a whole is upbeat yet mellow at the same because of the laidback guitar rhythm alongside Abbi’s strong vocal delivery. They carry a very intriguing sound and I’m interested to see what else they have to offer in the near future.

Astral Project will be playing Night & Day Café in Manchester on 19 August to celebrate the release and you can buy tickets here.

Review by Sharna Barber.


Linkin Park vocalist: Chester Bennington reported dead.

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Absolute devastating news about Chester Bennington, the late frontman of one of the most influential rock bands of the 2000’s; Linkin Park.

As a generation, we have lost a music inspiration and spokesman. The singer has been reported to having sadly committed suicide by hanging himself. At only 41 years young, the news has shocked many.

Chester Bennington influenced many people with his performance as frontman of Linkin Park and is a huge name to remember within the music industry.

Fans are in bits. His voice has and always will be a talent in which cannot be replaced. Emphasising pain, anger, politics and underground punk, Linkin Park were an incredibly influential and loved band.

Understandably, this news has had a real, traumatic impact on his fans, his band and his friends and family.

I place respect to the rest of the band members in Linkin Park, for they have lost a music genius. And big love to the family he has created and to his own.

Chester Bennington: A man with many talents, who sadly died on the 20th July, 2017, due to struggling majorly with his mental health.

We at UCA want to reassure you that you’re not alone. For those who are battling with anxiety, depression, or more, you can contact this helpline if you ever need to speak to anyone:

1-800-273-82550. #You’renotalone.

“Linkin Park was the soundtrack to our teenage years, very sad.”- Jordan Fann


“RIP Chester Bennington. Actually can’t believe it. My thoughts are with his friends and family. Absolute icon, you’ll certainly be missed.”- Kelly Ronaldson