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Not too long ago we were saying goodbye to Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog Magazine as Team Rock were to be no more.

In a series of fortunate events however Metal Hammer has been bought, saved and will be returning to the shelves of your local retailer on the 10th of February. Their comeback issue will feature an interview of Ozzy Osbourne by M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold.

metal-hammerJust before Christmas when we found out that Team Rock was being shut down a JustGiving page was set up as the staff were left with little to no hope of redundancy. The page’s target was to be £20,000, enough to give each staff member a £1000. The completed total of the page came to £88,760 which is a massive 443% over target, well done to everyone that was able to give.

For Metal Hammer there was a light at the end of the tunnel and so from everyone at The Wave, welcome back and good luck!

Words by Jonny Page

Goodbye TeamRock


2016 has been bleak for the music industry and everybody has had their fair share of sorrow. However, just as the year was drawing to a close 2016 got even worse for TeamRock as they were informed that they were being shut down. This means the closure of Classic Rock, Prog Magazine and Metal Hammer. To make things worse for TeamRock they have been left with very little hope of redundancy pay leaving them with absolutely nothing even though I’m sure that they would have given their all for the publications.

TeamRock are not your everyday music journalists, they’re dedicated and above all passionate and do not deserve what has been done to them but unfortunately this is what is happening within the music industry. but we as writers, as I’m sure TeamRock will also, will continue our passions to inform and teach you lot as much as we can about the wonderful world of music.

To leave on a positive note, to save the folks from TeamRock a bleak Christmas, there has been a JustGiving page set up for the staff which has currently reached £52,000 in two days, it’s original target being just £20,000. If it reaches £73,000 that will provide £1000 to each member of staff which would be awesome for them. This just shows as although the odds are against the music industry, we’re a solid community which will keep fighting.

From everyone at The Wave we wish TeamRock good luck, your publications will go down in history and thank you for what you’ve achieved. Keep Rocking.

You can donate to TeamRock at:


Words by Jonny Page