A$AP Rocky – “Sundress”

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A$AP Rocky has always expressed an interest in the psychedelic genre, and this new track teases that perhaps it is a channel he is keen to explore further.

Sampling his ‘Testing’ feature producer Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala), Rocky delivers a shimmering anti love song in his usual smooth as butter style, effortlessly flipping hip hop in a new direction – softer and more melodic than before. The more indie-leaning bassline compliments the rapper’s East Coast-meets-swing crooner voice. In a time when hip hop seems more than ever a cutthroat world fuelled by competition and aggressive showmanship, Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) seems to find satisfaction in paving his own loverboy brand of rap.

It seems he can do no wrong, in the eyes of fans and critics alike. On one hand, there is no argument in his impeccable choice of collaborations, and his obsessive ear for production detail both sonically and audibly surpasses near anyone else in his field. Having said this, he still maintains authenticity and Sundress is simply a culmination of all these aspects. It is simultaneously fantastically retro in its sound, yet also unlike anything we have heard before.

Words: Briony Warsop

Troye Sivan announces UK and European Tour dates


Troye Sivan announced on twitter the dates and locations for the tour in support of his second album ‘Bloom’.

Four UK dates have been announced for the tour:

23rd February Glasgow

24th February Manchester

26th February Birmingham

28th February London

Troye showed his excitement in the lead up to the announcement. “It’s going to be a PARTY I can tell you guys that much”.

Tickets go on pre-sale tomorrow on the Troye Sivan app. General sale of the tickets will be Friday 23rd November.

Words: Megan Duce

Walt Disney Records to release ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Original Soundtrack


‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ is set to be Walt Disney Records’ newest original motion picture soundtrack. It will feature an original song performed by Sarah Silverman who voices Vanellope von Schweetz and Gal Gadot who voices Shank.

Composer Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin) also worked on it alongside Henry Jackman who scored the first film of the franchise. Imagine Dragons also perform in an original end credit song ‘Zero’. Grammy-nominated singer Julia Michaels also performs in additional end credit song ‘In This Place’.

It’s out now digitally and will be released as a physical CD November 30th.

By Megan Duce


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Dropping this trap lullaby, that busts crystalline rhymes with an off the heezy 808 drum & bass and sweet piano chords, Artem Chekh, aka RAIDER, this young MC shows the flaming rise of a new urban okrug scene in Ufa, the highly techno-logical capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia, in which “gang life flourishes”.

It is perfectly portrayed in the artsy cover of his track, which can vaguely echo ‘Paranoid Android’’s dystopian atmosphere, but it’s all a product of his icy mind.

He can picture this street underworld so well because he himself joined this tough way of living, but it’s all behind his shoulders, ‘cause now he chose “simply to put the beauty in everyday life”, not lookin’ back and makin’ his mama proud.

As the title suggests, ‘Mama Mia’, which can wrongly remind us of the notorious ABBA musical or Freddie Mercury’s unforgettable exclamation in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, this is a modern bouncy Russian chanson made as a response of the typical attentive rules and advices coming from everyman’s mum. “She said do not go on the path that all fuckers choose” and in these blunt couplets reveals how mama’s preachings are heard and followed.

“I have no one way

I’ll do what I want

Many as unknowables

Fuck to notice the husk

They all fuck when they hear noise in the street”.


Words: Federica Ardizzone

Drowning in a Glitching Genesis of ‘Memories’ with Sonic Jesus


You’re a distant memory in the mind of your creator, don’t you see?

That’s what a Jesus Alone whispers when he walks through the autumnal path of his life.

Strolling through 36 subterranean paces from their debut album ‘Neither Virtue Nor Anger’, the Roman hermits, Marco Baldassari, Marco Barzetti, Tiziano Veronese, collected engraving inches of tubular fluorescent traces, ascetic numbers, choral symbols, cryptic dates.

On the last lunar quarter, November 30th, you will be able to embrace their spiritual travel that it starts from a pause of silence, a reflective subterranean prayer, an instant captured in a collection of mortal coils within a stifling absent nostalgic frame pictured in this new LP, Memories, a prequel to N.V.N.A. and a continuation  of Grace’s river of consciousness:

turquoise sky cutting the eerie winter evening,

heavy veil of a vague abode, a wooden and metal box of apparently abandoned familiar contents, where a beacon is a pale hushed guardian.

Loyal defender of a cloud of warping sounds, tenebrous post-scripts, caustic whispers.

But the defence falls on its knees, when the headphones are plugged in and the secret spell was unveiled, the miserable demons and anguished dionysiac spirits, within that abandoned Pandora’s box have already hurled themselves through the suffocating ceilings of Nostalgia’s harbour.

The first demon, the last soul to touch this earth, ‘Noah’ is ready to depart from the imminent apocalypse, embracing his faith in something not under his control, with his ark, accompanied by an austere folk march and a medieval choral, to tackle this unholy situation. In his lunatic uncertainty , moonson over his mind, dark make-up over his eyes and red lipstick over his mouth, he still has the ‘Spectrum Visionary’, funeral march of his Life, the only sound that will never abandon him.

But a moment of weakness permeates his vision, ‘Khullam’, so this grungy blond angel, feels to be abandoned by his faithful father, his intention of elevation is contrasted by his burning desire to please  his most filthy human aims. But his father, from the weeping stratosphere, is sending his Ermes to soothe his troubled son murmuring ‘I’m Here’.

Here he comes now, the Lizard King embracing this avant-garde nihilistic ‘Dance of The Sun’ this inebriant pirouette, then Jean Genie jumps from the mast, slights lekker, goes to join this ‘Whiskey Train’ and even the rowing crew ‘Monks’ turn psycho, corrupted by this demonic fuzz.

But this organ-driven deranged enchantment is just an ephemeral illusion, because in a remote cursed land, behind the edgy dark stones, green greedy vixens are ready to hypnotise and seduce through this climax of mystical orgy, these shamans whispering ‘Love Again’.

It is too late, they are trapped in that sensual grim whirl, maliciously enchanted, they cannot escape it and so their desires are bent to satisfy their mistresses, shaking uncontrollably their bones, feeble bowels to the notes of that mors et amor ballad ‘Reich’.

Suddenly the sun is hidden by some harpies that cannot marry this carnal celebration,   the sky is painted in grey and the dour troubadour, captain in despair, needs to leaves the profane ceremony, seeking his vowed ‘Town’.

This glitching Genesis, obscure Odyssey must go on, because nothing comes without a reason, not every sign is possibly translated in something comprehensible, so this damned poet, lone pioneer must follow what his brave heart shouts: ‘Cartaxo’.

Finally, he can behold at the edge of the horizon the golden blue promise land, ‘Heaven’, and oscillate gently like the waves behind his feet, this bitter-sweet abrasive chant, cradling his predestined fate to embrace a fecund solitude, till comes the dawn..

When I become death, death is the seed from which I grow.

The Abyss is not so cold while his body is smoothly drowning underground.

To begin tasting it, channel your mind through these vibrations:

Successfully expressing his feelings, The New Consistent releases his new single “3 Years”

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A new release from The New Consistent demonstrates the potential of spoken word artist, Ben Ramsey.  “3 Years” succeeds in being a sweet and soulful confession of the worries and doubts that surround romantic relationships. This release comes about two months after their self-titled track, “The New Consistent”, and the tone is slightly more mature. The words sound more honest, making the track more relatable.

A dreamy lo-fi instrumental, produced by Ozzy from band Swim Deep, accompanies Ramsey’s Mike Skinner influenced spoken word flow. With each new line from Ramsey, there is a melancholy cadence in his voice which places his words perfectly over the soft guitars and unobtrusive drums.

The song successfully expresses some deep sentimental feelings without sounding over emotional or disingenuous, and this kind of passionately complacent style is refreshing to hear in new music. The usual cinematic perfection of every exchange is replaced with a more down to earth method of storytelling, leaving in all the awkward details.


Words: Gabriel Hynes


Chlöe Howl – “23”

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Sectors of light reflect from disco balls nailed to the ceiling, shimmering onto the faces of optimistic teenagers at their very first prom.

As a teenager, you fantasise what it’s like to grow older and become independent, wishing away youth like an old friend you no longer wish to associate with. ’23’ sparks the realisation that adult life isn’t all its cracked up to be, and Howl completely nails it.

“Here we are at 23, always thought that we’d be somebody better,” the 23-year-old confesses over sparkly kaleidoscopic production, reminiscing old times and regretting ever wanting to grow up.

We spend our whole adolescent trying to act mature and pretending we can rely on ourselves that when the time comes to do just that we shatter with fear. It’s happened to you, it’s happened to myself and it’s happening to Chlöe Howl right now.

But we’ll figure it out one day. Here’s to our twenties.

Words: Jordan White

Industry Honours National Album Day

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Today celebrated the first-ever National Album Day. Retailers, radio stations and record labels alike took to social media to honour the 70th birthday of the album.

nationalalbumday.co.uk calls for the ‘biggest album playback’, asking all music lovers to play their all-time favourite album from beginning to end starting at 3:33 pm.

According to the National Album Day website, ‘In 2017 135 million albums were either purchased, downloaded or streamed – a rise of 9.5 per cent on the previous year.

4.1 million of these were on vinyl – the highest level since the start of the 1990s.’

Ambassadors for the event include Paloma Faith, Alice Cooper and Jess Glynne.

To commemorate the occasion, The Wave team have shared their favourite albums:

Jordan: Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

Geo: Shame – Songs of Praise

Courtney: Fit For Rivals – Freak Machine

Megan: Adore Delano – Whatever

Meg: Father John Misty – Fear Fun

Julia: Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

Lil: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Briony: Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

Caragh: Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Federica: Lana Del Rey – Tell Mama

Bekky: BTS – Love Yourself: Tear

Trevor: Pegasus Bridge – While We’re Young


Words: Megan Duce