SOPHIE @ CLF Art Café (Live Review)

The streets of Peckham feel like an ill-fitting setting for a SOPHIE performance, you’d expect her unnervingly pristine production to exist solely within a neochrome vacuum located within the vastest reaches of cyberspace. Alas, we see SOPHIE climaxing a sparse night of tilted euphoria One month ago in Los Angeles, SOPHIE delivered a performance that... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Toby Hollingsworth

Brighton, the home of The Kooks, typical British stone beaches, LGBT communities and fresh new musical talent. I sit in Stanmer Park in Brighton, with the now autumnal crunchy leaves blowing at my feet, a tiny breeze as I wait for the - not so punctual - Toby Hollingsworth to arrive. It’s bright though and... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Visual Album

Over the past several years streaming sites such as Spotify have become increasingly popular generating a lot of different types of publicity for musicians and their music, meaning that the art of a simple video that would previously be shown on MTV or  YouTube are starting to look slightly outdated as the public are debatably... Continue Reading →

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