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The first installment of Mixed Up podcast is here, including the latest news from indie to grime and everything in between. We get an inside into the black and white themed music style with a graphic designer and get opinions from the public on a few of the recent music awards. A theme running through the podcast is ‘If you had to?’. Take a full listen to find out more.

Tickets available at http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Content by Sam Rees and Immanuela Okunubi



Labrish Radio is an inside look into the hottest genre of music right now in the UK, Grime. We touch on many questions from public opinions and facts to generate our entertaining show. We also keep up & play contemporary music of today & give you insight on our own thoughts about what defines Grime. You think you know? Listen now!

Content by Shaaveh Spence and Shannon Lindo