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Astral Project announce new single Athena

It’s not long now until the release of the debut single Athena from Manchester psych rock band Astral Project. The band have noticeably been working hard on this and are excited to finally let us have at it. it will be available to us all on Monday 14 August on iTunes and Spotify.

The band consists of Abbi Parcell on vocals; Scott Woodcock on guitar; Jack Biggs on drums; Emma Rosson on bass; and Sophie Erasmus playing the Keyboard. They formed almost a year ago with Scott and Jack knowing each other from a previous band.

A few of their influences being Sonic Youth, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mazzy Star and The Who, you really get a feel of that as soon as the fuzzy opening guitar riff fires in. The song gets straight to the point and you can certainly hear distinctive aspects from each of their influences and it’s all combined flawlessly.

With a catchy, hard-hitting drum beat and swirling guitar leads, there comes Abbi’s raucous vocals which immediately make me think of Band of Skulls’ Emma Richardson mixed with a little bit of Tess Parks. They have said themselves that the song is a flashback to 60s rock, and that if Jefferson Airplane and The Who had a love child, they’d be the result – and you can definitely sense that.

They recorded the single at Hope Mill Studios in Manchester, and within just two days they had recorded and mixed the whole thing – Jack states it was done on a “wave of euphoria”.

Towards the end of the song, after building and building – the tempo swiftly changes and creates a much calmer and somewhat hypnotic atmosphere. The song as a whole is upbeat yet mellow at the same because of the laidback guitar rhythm alongside Abbi’s strong vocal delivery. They carry a very intriguing sound and I’m interested to see what else they have to offer in the near future.

Astral Project will be playing Night & Day Café in Manchester on 19 August to celebrate the release and you can buy tickets here.

Review by Sharna Barber.


Linkin Park vocalist: Chester Bennington reported dead.

Absolute devastating news about Chester Bennington, the late frontman of one of the most influential rock bands of the 2000’s; Linkin Park.

As a generation, we have lost a music inspiration and spokesman. The singer has been reported to having sadly committed suicide by hanging himself. At only 41 years young, the news has shocked many.

Chester Bennington influenced many people with his performance as frontman of Linkin Park and is a huge name to remember within the music industry.

Fans are in bits. His voice has and always will be a talent in which cannot be replaced. Emphasising pain, anger, politics and underground punk, Linkin Park were an incredibly influential and loved band.

Understandably, this news has had a real, traumatic impact on his fans, his band and his friends and family.

I place respect to the rest of the band members in Linkin Park, for they have lost a music genius. And big love to the family he has created and to his own.

Chester Bennington: A man with many talents, who sadly died on the 20th July, 2017, due to struggling majorly with his mental health.

We at UCA want to reassure you that you’re not alone. For those who are battling with anxiety, depression, or more, you can contact this helpline if you ever need to speak to anyone:

1-800-273-82550. #You’renotalone.

“Linkin Park was the soundtrack to our teenage years, very sad.”- Jordan Fann


“RIP Chester Bennington. Actually can’t believe it. My thoughts are with his friends and family. Absolute icon, you’ll certainly be missed.”- Kelly Ronaldson


Top 10 must-see acts at Electric Castle Festival 2017!

Electric Castle is a five day Festival in Romania, inside the walls of a 15th Century castle. Encouraging great music, great food and booze from prices as low as just $2. Summarising what you can imagine to be a great summer atmosphere.

Each year the Festival announces a handful of some of the best acts. This year the line up includes a of variety of music genres from some of the most must-see artists.

Starting on Wednesday 12th-16th July, the 24 hour music policy Festival is destined to give you a great experience.

Furthermore, here are the TOP 10 ACTS NOT TO MISS at this year’s Electric Castle Festival:

  1. Deadmau5: Deadmau5 will be headlining the festival, bringing to you a collaboration of urban house tracks that you just simply cannot miss.
  2. Slaves: Kent based duet, Slaves, are a charismatic act full of everlasting energy and are certain to give you that ‘feel good’ adrenaline rush for your upcoming weekend.
  3. Alt- J: Originally formed in Leeds, the indie trio have gone from strength to strength. Dabbling in indie rock and folk, the sweet Alt-J are definitely ones to see at this year’s Electric Castle Festival.
  4. Franz Ferdinand: Scottish four-piece Franz Ferdinand, are a indie pop group who in 2004 published their earworm track ‘Take Me Out.’
  5. House Of Pain: Hip Hop legends House of Pain, are back in the music scene and will be making an appearance  at Electric Castle this year.
  6. Duke Demont: Duke Demont, another house inspired DJ that you can’t miss at Electric Castle Festival this year. In 2013 he released ‘Need You 100%’ which reached over 150 thousand likes on YouTube. He has since released a number of house bangers.
  7. Eats Everything: Showcasing fun, psychedelic dance music, Eats Everything are at the forefront of transcendent beats and are definitely an act you want to see at Electric Castle this year.
  8. Zedd: Solo musician, Zedd, will be kicking off  day one at Electric Castle alongside Slaves, Moderat and many more. Playing his set at the main stage at 12:30am.
  9. DJ Sneak: In the words of DJ Sneak he is happy to present you with heavy “house music all night long!”
  10. Nero: Finishing off with Nero. Those in which are Famously known for their futuristic and unique music videos and are essentially the heart of dubstep. If you’re like myself and are a fan of electronic or drum and bass then Nero are 100% a must-see act for you this year at Electric Castle.


Make sure to like/ follow the Festival on social media:

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Words by Laviea Thomas



We are only three months into 2017 and there have already been some incredible artists making their marks – one of those being 33-year-old hip-hop artist FUTURE.

Future’s self-titled and fifth studio album dropped on February 17th with amazing reviews and charting highly on the Billboard 200. Exactly a week later, he then dropped a second album named ‘HNDRXX’ which includes collaborations with Rihanna and The Weeknd, also charted highly.

The release of two albums in one week is a rarity in itself, especially with little to no campaigning. Future took complete control and posted on social media, after a month long silence, that ‘Future’ was on it’s way and that the ‘Nobody Safe’ tour was also on its way with the likes of Migos, Kodak Black, Tory Lanez, Young Thug and ASAP Ferg. Then with the promotion of his sixth album ‘HNDRXX’, he went on to hastag the album along with it’s producer DJ Esco.

This week there have been rumours that Future was to release two more follow up albums, but this was later denied by manager Anthony Salah. It has now been confirmed during an interview with Karizza Sanchez at the Reebok ZOK! Runner event that there will be no third album and that Future is revelling in the success of his two albums.

Future and HNDRXX are available on music purchasing platforms.

Words by Jasmine Greggory


Beck has released the date for his new album.

The forthcoming album will be released in spring and will be the follow up to 2014’s ‘Morning Phase’.

Fans have been anticipating the release of his 10th album after the success of the Grammy-winning ‘Morning Phase’. Recent singles ‘Wow’ and ‘Dreams’ have increased the excitement for the new album that was originally scheduled for summer 2015 but suffered a push back to November 2016 which never came to fruition.

The album is rumoured to be influenced and inspired by The Strokes, after a performance with the band at the 2015 British Summer Time at Hyde Park. Beck revealed the LP release date with an interview with T Magazine, a branch from The New York Times.

Beck stated that the album is “simple and uplifting and galvanising, where the spirit moves you, that kind of feeling. Those are the hardest. This new record I focused on that feeling. It’s the easiest to fail at. Or to come off on one hand disingenuous, or on the other hand just trite, or, you know, there’s that fine line between platitude and just the truth. And that fine line between making a big commotion and a bunch of movement and just actual unadulterated joy.”

He said further: “It’s much easier to go out and get really down. There’s a multitude of things that will oblige you in misery in the culture and there’s only so many that will produce true happiness. It’s like comedy. Comedy is harder in that only certain things are going to make you laugh. I think it’s closer to the child nature in us, which the culture, for a lot of reasons, will discourage or crush. Or you mature out of it in other ways. I see it with kids. There’s that age where if you let that personal joyous side of yourself out, it’s almost more vulnerable than being emotionally vulnerable, like if you’re going through

’s not the most clever, sophisticated part of you, but it is the most joyous


 something difficult


The sound of one man and his keyboard, this album really is a treasure for those that thrive off the notion of novelty. The keyboard is a Yamaha PSS-560, and the man is Saul Adamczewski, shamanic lead guitarist of The Fat White Family. About as DIY as they come, this album is so endearing in the charm offered by the equipment used, as Saul meanders his way through a collection of cover versions that combine the sound of the keyboard’s clicky drum machine with some tones matched only in tackiness by their novel brilliance. The man himself describes Karaoke For One as “Part exotica, part Penge”, and offers a take on the covers album as unique as that description.

From 80s pop songs,  to pub rock classics, to singer-songwriter gems, this is a reflection of one man’s bloody good music taste, covering all the important bits of the past in a way that’s respectful and unavoidably loveable. Saul’s cover of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak is genuinely touching, an a capella middle 8 giving it that touch of depravity that follows Adamczewski’s musical projects around. The Isaak cover sees his voice crackle and croon, rough and patchy but definitely oddly moving, with the “I-I-I-I don’t wanna fall in love” caterwauling stirring the very depths of your soul.

The highlights come from the more ‘cool’ songs covered; there’s a version of Dr Feelgood’s Roxette that sounds like Suicide, whilst the cover of Shane MacGowan’s Rainy Night In Soho combines a bit of Yamaha melodicism almost childlike in its simplicity, which (and I might say this as a biased Pogues fan) sounds very tender in this incarnation.

This is the first thing released under the Insecure Men moniker, and whilst it’s difficult to see where that band – a fully fledged 10 piece that features Sean Lennon – will go from this, it’s definitely one of the most essential and engaging listens of the year so far.

(Written by Cal Cashin)


Not too long ago we were saying goodbye to Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog Magazine as Team Rock were to be no more.

In a series of fortunate events however Metal Hammer has been bought, saved and will be returning to the shelves of your local retailer on the 10th of February. Their comeback issue will feature an interview of Ozzy Osbourne by M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold.

metal-hammerJust before Christmas when we found out that Team Rock was being shut down a JustGiving page was set up as the staff were left with little to no hope of redundancy. The page’s target was to be £20,000, enough to give each staff member a £1000. The completed total of the page came to £88,760 which is a massive 443% over target, well done to everyone that was able to give.

For Metal Hammer there was a light at the end of the tunnel and so from everyone at The Wave, welcome back and good luck!

Words by Jonny Page

Goodbye TeamRock

2016 has been bleak for the music industry and everybody has had their fair share of sorrow. However, just as the year was drawing to a close 2016 got even worse for TeamRock as they were informed that they were being shut down. This means the closure of Classic Rock, Prog Magazine and Metal Hammer. To make things worse for TeamRock they have been left with very little hope of redundancy pay leaving them with absolutely nothing even though I’m sure that they would have given their all for the publications.

TeamRock are not your everyday music journalists, they’re dedicated and above all passionate and do not deserve what has been done to them but unfortunately this is what is happening within the music industry. but we as writers, as I’m sure TeamRock will also, will continue our passions to inform and teach you lot as much as we can about the wonderful world of music.

To leave on a positive note, to save the folks from TeamRock a bleak Christmas, there has been a JustGiving page set up for the staff which has currently reached £52,000 in two days, it’s original target being just £20,000. If it reaches £73,000 that will provide £1000 to each member of staff which would be awesome for them. This just shows as although the odds are against the music industry, we’re a solid community which will keep fighting.

From everyone at The Wave we wish TeamRock good luck, your publications will go down in history and thank you for what you’ve achieved. Keep Rocking.

You can donate to TeamRock at:


Words by Jonny Page

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