Insecure Men at Scala

A dimming of lights, hush of music and a roar of the crowd indicated that Insecure Men had entered. Amongst the shadows, a determined voice yelled “Can we have some lights on the stage, so we can see what we’re doing?” With this, a rolling green light revealed a musical extravaganza: a vibraphone, slide guitar... Continue Reading →

Shy FX at The Rainbow venues: Crane

There is a place, on Bowyer street, in the heart of Birmingham, that by daylight shows to be nothing more than a derelict building. A monument to the history of the city, it melts inconspicuously into the background, never showing its true face until the cowl of night smothers the area and the hordes of... Continue Reading →

Dave drops visuals for “Hangman”

After reigning the year of 2017 with his hit records No Words and Question Time, collaborating with Joey Bada$$, a sold out tour to making an appearance on Drake’s album “More Life” it seems 2018 will be another victorious one for the London rapper with the release of his first single of the year “Hangman”... Continue Reading →

[Album Review] Nervus – Everything Dies

'Everything Dies’ is a ten track album ringing with raw and poignant sentiment. It’s heavily driven by the sincerity of the lyrics offering a chance to reflect and critique, careful to not leave out the darkest and most fragile thoughts. Songwriter Em Foster uses her own experiences to give a personal touch to their work,... Continue Reading →

Sussana // Go Dig my Grave (Album Review)

With a career that’s spanned over a decade, Norwegian born Susanna Wallumrød has produced many projects surrounded by an aura of serene beauty. From The sombre art pop of ‘Flower of Evil’ to the delicate chamber folk of “If Grief Could Wait” her records are often as bleak as they are ethereal. Her finest work... Continue Reading →

Jean Tonique // Well Mannered Frivolity (Album Review)

Popular music, much like popular culture, has always been burdened with an unhealthy addiction to the past. Some of the most popular records of the decades have been wholly derivative, but whereas artists like Solange and Childish Gambino brought us tasteful and reasonably refreshing takes in their respected genres, Jean Tonique’s debut album ‘Well Mannered... Continue Reading →

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