Just last week I was in the studio with Astral Lynx, a psychedelic rock trio based in London to discuss a few things including Brick Lane Psych Fest and new music. There’s Julian Millership on lead guitar and vocals, Matt Sullivan also on guitar and Dean Cass on drums. “Various other things as well,” Julian... Continue Reading →


It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the UK pop punk scene. With acts such as Neck Deep, As It Is and Boston Manor occupying centre stage, it’s going to take something really special to stand out amongst the crowd. However, the one band who seem to be doing all the right... Continue Reading →


Last week I caught up with Amol, Sami and Daisy from London’s dreamiest of dream pop bands Rain Maze – just to see what they were all about and how it started. From what age did you want to be in band? Was it something you always dreamt of? Amol: I started writing songs and... Continue Reading →


Grymm are a Brighton-based ambient and grunge fusion of fuzzed guitars, reverb and compelling vocal hooks that will take you on an enigmatic journey through each song they provide. I sat down with Morgan, guitarist and vocalist, and Andrew, bassist, before their gig in Brighton, all of us perching on stools of slightly different heights... Continue Reading →


On Thursday 19th January I was joined by the ambitious Laurie Wright. Frontman of rock band, The Lodgers. The interview was held at a pub called The Cricketers in Kingston. The venue was accompanied with what appeared to be locals swigging on pints of Stella, and prancing around to extremely loud brit pop. The Lodgers... Continue Reading →


Blending moderate rock with a subtle ambience, Sunderland trio One Man Revival have already made a name for themselves in their local live scene, boasting reviews of highly-energetic performances and an unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic. Last year saw the release of the band’s debut album, Ordinary World, following four years of relentless... Continue Reading →

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