“I’ll give you a quick demonstration”: Marc Pell reveals his secret powers and his jungle. Marc Pell, alias Suitman Jungle, who is apparently a quiet London business man wearing a classic, blue suit and an sober ochre tie, is one of the few contemporary artists, that can represent suitably our frenetic 21st century, a chaotic... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Anti-Clone

From the “murder capital of England” to dominating Europe. A sit down interview with Lam Richardson.   Sipping a coffee in the Café Nero on Boston high street, guitarist and vocalist Liam ‘Lam’ Richardson begins by telling me a brief band history. “The band played its first show in July 2011, with a practically different... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Jordan Rakei

As it often goes, the quietest people have the most to say. Jordan Rakei is one of those types: polite, friendly, interesting. His Kiwi accent is still there, with a smattering of ‘man’ across our telephone conversation-warm and casual - but you can hear the recognisable London lexis creeping into his vocabulary (Many things are... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] James Taylor

James Taylor is a much respected musician being at the forefront of the indie movement that emerged in the early 2000s. Drumming became his career for over a decade playing in some of the most pivotal bands of the time. It was time to find out what motivated him to become the musician he is... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] The Academic

The Academic: the new indie-rock sensation that will make you feel as though you’re on a Permanent Vacation. After finishing their US tour, The Academic recently announced their new album – ‘Tales From The Backseat’ – will be released on January 12th. Their latest single ‘Permanent Vacation’ has just come out, shortly after getting themselves noticed by hosting... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Matt Wheatley

“Recording Is Just A Really Big Ego Stroke” - Matt Wheatley On Recording And his Roots Wheatley may only be a student, but he’s no stranger the recording industry as he discusses dealing with the divas and looks back on his own influences. In a cosy room belonging to Academy of Contemporary Music’s (ACM) production... Continue Reading →


“I kind of just made an album and hit the road immediately.” There’s nothing quite like the wisdom and charm that fills the air of the sublime dining room at Regents Street’s finest inn the very moment BØRNS-real name Garrett Borns-makes an entrance. With all the time to relax, having just completed a hectic album... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Lloyd Wright

A life slightly outside of the spotlight – being a session musician “…as long as I was wearing black, I could look like anything. I didn’t even have to brush my hair. I could just sit there in the darkness, play, get paid and go home.” When the star of the show is at centre... Continue Reading →

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