[INTERVIEW] James Taylor

James Taylor is a much respected musician being at the forefront of the indie movement that emerged in the early 2000s. Drumming became his career for over a decade playing in some of the most pivotal bands of the time. It was time to find out what motivated him to become the musician he is today. James lives with his fiancée Lauren and cat Pixie in a converted brewery. Beside the house are two stables and at the end of the garden is a shed. This appeared to be the place James was leading to, it was the eve of … Continue reading [INTERVIEW] James Taylor

[INTERVIEW] Matt Wheatley

“Recording Is Just A Really Big Ego Stroke” – Matt Wheatley On Recording And his Roots Wheatley may only be a student, but he’s no stranger the recording industry as he discusses dealing with the divas and looks back on his own influences. In a cosy room belonging to Academy of Contemporary Music’s (ACM) production student – and Leeds College of Music (LCoM) alumni, Matt Wheatley, I sit and admire the posters covering as much wall as humanly possible. They show his eclectic taste in music and film so I find myself not knowing where to look. I turn from … Continue reading [INTERVIEW] Matt Wheatley