[INTERVIEW] Oddity Road

Sheffield four-piece Oddity Road are emerging as one of the most exciting new indie guitar bands. With close bonds, talent, and enough ambition to fill stadiums, it's easy to see why they’re attracting interest wherever they go. Sat in the beer garden of the Camden Monarch, Joel, Jack, Ethan and Dan are musing over the... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] The Dissident Youth

We caught up with metalcore foresome hailing from Carlisle, Cumbria, roasting them on current political stances and their first studio roar. "When tyrants rule the free world, it's time to take it back". These are the 'from the rooftop' type proclamations of The Dissident Youth, conveying a somewhat stirring message on their frenetic opener 'My... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Sports Team

Sports Team just want to get loaded and have a good time. They have played festivals, trolled Labour MPs and flute players one in the same, without releasing a single song. Will Craigie speaks to the band on spaghetti bolognese and Red Stripe "Yeah I think it’s important to know your limits.” That’s what drummer Alex Greenwood says... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Steve Peter David

“Hail true metal,” Steve said as I shuffled through his latest mix tape, although this was no ordinary tape – a collection of his favourites past and present. Instead a back-to-back collation of all the bands he was once involved with right up to his current role drumming in The Redeemed – a five-piece thrash... Continue Reading →


Originally formed in 2012 as Tap, the band have seen a variety of line-ups over the years. Despite their flaws, Audio Tap are back and plan on being better than ever Sitting in the practice room of guitarist Luke Christian’s house, the only original member left in the band, he begins telling me about where... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Chlöe Howl

“If it f***s up then at least the one thing I can’t hate is myself for not trying”. The limelight isn’t everybody’s friend. After a rough round with Chlöe Howl, it certainly wasn’t looking for her friendship. Rewind back to 2013 and Londoner Chlöe Howl would be the face of every website on the music... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Matty Oliver

Sitting in a satin, sapphire blue robe is Newcastle’s very own Bob Dylan. He rolls a cigarette, sets it alight, and tells the tale of his musical endeavours. Matty Oliver may well be responsible for keeping the folk scene alive in years to come, with his witty lyrics, acoustic guitar and Geordie charm. As well... Continue Reading →

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