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My name is Courtney Solloway. I’m a 21 year old metalhead from Surrey, UK.

Whilst my main focus is the alternative industry and anything that falls under that umbrella, I do enjoy some of today’s pop music but mostly the 90’s and 00’s influenced styles. I’m quite an active journalist not only writing here on The Wave but also Independent Voice Ezine, Metal Rules UK branch and my own website

I specialize mostly in album and gig reviews but I also enjoy writing bios for bands as well as going out and doing interviews.

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I am a bilingual music journalist from a half French and British loving family. My growing passion and understanding of the French music scene is something that I am treasuring and sharing. My blog – The Lilt – covers mainly new artists from all over the world but especially – can you believe it – French ones! I highly enjoy writing live reviews as well as other reviews in general and I am fairly comfortable covering just about any genre. I have also developed some sort of contagious fondness for the American girl bands of the sixties. Ronnie Spector and her Fabulous Ronettes, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Chiffons…You name it, I’ve probably got it on my all-time favourites’ playlist. At the moment I’m listening to a lot French rappers like Lomepal on my way to work, a bit of Amy Winehouse while writing articles and a few Brigitte Bardot tracks to chill.

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Hello, I’m Jordan. I’m a huge pop aficionado and if you’re looking for anyone to discuss chart positions and statistics with then I’m your perfect match. I write for the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Rollacoaster, Notion Magazine, tmrw and Gigwise with expertise in the pop, synth and electro-pop genres. I’m a sucker for anything 80s influenced and anything anthemic that you can lift your arms in the air to and scream till your lungs give way. Hit me up if in need of the perfect pop companion, or for just a general chinwag

Bekky Smart, 20, London

A journalist from Lincoln living in London and chatting shit about the Korean pop industry sometimes.

I am Meg. Think of your typical indie girl and you’re picturing me. I have a quite expansive taste in music but my heavy-rotation on Spotify usually runs laps around the indie, rock, psych and punk genres. As it goes, I like writing reviews, but do like to dabble on the interview side of things and I’ve got a taste for the world of radio. Mwah!

Hiya. Federica speaking, Jacqueline writing (yes, same person, different caricature). I am a vinyl addicted and an ‘internet explorer’ (yes, I am a browser) with an eclectic taste. So, if you want to find out any obscure peculiar, jazzy, funky, psychedelic music, that you can’t find in a Spotify playlist in the first place,  just check my website and you may find a hidden treasure that will turn your turntable full of dust in a rainbow-coloured-door opened to an underground show.