Zara Larsson – “Ruin My Life”

Zara Larsson returns with new single ‘Ruin My Life’ after a small time away from the industry. She sings of a ‘toxic, yet passionate relationship’ that some of us will all experience at least once in our lives. The long-anticipated track is a joyful listen, littered with edgy EDM-pop hooks and a little dash of a young Britney Spears school girl innocence.

The track has already accumulated a mass of attention considering its controversial wording –
“I want you to ruin my life
You to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, yeah
I want you to fuck up my nights, yeah”

The lyrics are not what you would call ‘lyrical genius’, but they have certainly triggered a few people because of their raw and up-front manner – you don’t particularly have to read between the lines in this chorus to understand what Larsson is trying to get across.
Despite the intriguing nature of the topic Zara is talking about, it all feels, quite frankly – a little distasteful.

Talking about toxic or even abusive relationships can be quite sensitive, especially for women who have suffered from domestic abuse. Listening to a cute electric guitar riff accompanied by the lyrics ‘I want you to ruin my life, I want you to fuck up my nights’ is not going to make it your pop songs meaningful, it’s just another tacky, overly-produced, heartless chart song.

Words: Julia Hope

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