The 1975 – “Sincerity Is Scary”

I was not ready for this at all, ‘Sincerity is Scary’ was just another taster from the long-awaited album ‘A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships’. This powerful, sultry ballad is unlike anything the band has ever produced before and it shows off the extreme versatility of being able to play with different genres, popular artists’ big in the game, take note.

The 1975 have graced our ears with pop/indie magical sounds since forming in the early 00’s and since then, most of their music has hit the charts – and for good reason. Regardless of their successful history, the band continues to evolve and surprise us with music that quite frankly, makes you want to dance your fucking ass off, whilst also contemplating the devastation of worldly issues (conflicting emotions, I know).

‘Sincerity is Scary’ covers topics that surround our current online-obsessed society. Posting photo’s on Instagram of yourself having a great time at a club – and then, desperately waiting for the recognition of your 1,000 followers to double tap that picture. We’re like alcoholics chasing that next hit of hard liquor, or the less dramatic and painfully modern… Endorphin rush our brain creates when we see our notification bar popping off. Matt Healy talks about the fear of honesty, candidness and sincerity – traits that our fellow humans are lacking in, because of the inability to express our feelings. It has you thinking of all the times you could have just been honest, instead of awkwardly laughing off uncomfortable situations. Why didn’t I just tell that guy that I’m not attracted to him rather than saying ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’? – the 1975 are trying to figure it out or, just make light of it. Telling us that it’s okay to be honest, even if it’s painful and awkward.

Stepping away from the obvious genius of the lyrics, the actual sound of the song is pure, raw, emotional bliss. Matt Healy’s voice caresses the sound of soft trumpets, saxophones and a simple piano melody with a slow drum snaring in the background. It is so refreshing to hear the influence of a genre that paved the way for so many other genre’s, Jazz. The fact that they have gone back to the early roots of when music was debatably, at its most emotional and vulnerable – shows their knowledge of musical history and their inevitable talent.

All in all, the 1975 have outdone themselves – this is a masterpiece created with love, raw emotion and unforgiving talent. This was one of the few songs that have had an early release, away from the actual album release – and oh boy, am I excited to see what follows.

Words: Julia Hope

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