A$AP Rocky – “Sundress”

A$AP Rocky has always expressed an interest in the psychedelic genre, and this new track teases that perhaps it is a channel he is keen to explore further.

Sampling his ‘Testing’ feature producer Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala), Rocky delivers a shimmering anti love song in his usual smooth as butter style, effortlessly flipping hip hop in a new direction – softer and more melodic than before. The more indie-leaning bassline compliments the rapper’s East Coast-meets-swing crooner voice. In a time when hip hop seems more than ever a cutthroat world fuelled by competition and aggressive showmanship, Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) seems to find satisfaction in paving his own loverboy brand of rap.

It seems he can do no wrong, in the eyes of fans and critics alike. On one hand, there is no argument in his impeccable choice of collaborations, and his obsessive ear for production detail both sonically and audibly surpasses near anyone else in his field. Having said this, he still maintains authenticity and Sundress is simply a culmination of all these aspects. It is simultaneously fantastically retro in its sound, yet also unlike anything we have heard before.

Words: Briony Warsop

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