Dropping this trap lullaby, that busts crystalline rhymes with an off the heezy 808 drum & bass and sweet piano chords, Artem Chekh, aka RAIDER, this young MC shows the flaming rise of a new urban okrug scene in Ufa, the highly techno-logical capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia, in which “gang life flourishes”.

It is perfectly portrayed in the artsy cover of his track, which can vaguely echo ‘Paranoid Android’’s dystopian atmosphere, but it’s all a product of his icy mind.

He can picture this street underworld so well because he himself joined this tough way of living, but it’s all behind his shoulders, ‘cause now he chose “simply to put the beauty in everyday life”, not lookin’ back and makin’ his mama proud.

As the title suggests, ‘Mama Mia’, which can wrongly remind us of the notorious ABBA musical or Freddie Mercury’s unforgettable exclamation in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, this is a modern bouncy Russian chanson made as a response of the typical attentive rules and advices coming from everyman’s mum. “She said do not go on the path that all fuckers choose” and in these blunt couplets reveals how mama’s preachings are heard and followed.

“I have no one way

I’ll do what I want

Many as unknowables

Fuck to notice the husk

They all fuck when they hear noise in the street”.


Words: Federica Ardizzone

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