Danitsa wins her first prize at the Swiss Music Awards 2018

Danitsa wins her first prize at the Swiss Music Awards 2018 On Saturday 9th of February, young rapper/singer Danitsa from (GE,CH) walked up the stage of the Swiss Music Awards to receive her prize for her album ‘EGO’ released last November. Winner in the ‘Best Act Romandie’ category, the young French, Serbian, Chad, Congolese and Spanish decent made her voice and style be established for good.

Produced by the Swiss record label Evidence Music (Geneva,CH), Danitsa dropped her first album on the 24th of November 2017.

The project, well-refined and versatile counts a few unavoidable tunes such as ‘Remember Me’, ‘Hoover’, ‘Now’ and wavy ‘Bachata’. After signing these four heavy hitters, the increasingly requested performer stated on her official Instagram profile that the album was the result of two years of hard work and tweaking. Not less, for the pure bliss of our ears. A paying attention to the detail that granted her the reward only a few months after she released the opus .

Danitsa has a high-pitched and sharp voice rippling with Rap and Soul rhythms. Her accent betrays a slight French accent and an catching familiarity to Caribbean terminologies and harmonies. She stated in an interview for L’illustré magazine that her father – Producer Skankytone – introduced her to the world of Reggae, Bass, Rocksteady and more. Danitsa also explained in the meeting that she left the idea of naming her music genre, opting to let her multiple inspirations reflect on her own artistic interpretation. A freedom which is more suitable than building borders around a voice. Danitsa, undoubtedly has ideas, and since the release of her the latest album, EGO she managed to reach great critical acclaim. To top that, both of her fanbase and friends are showing a solid amount of support alongside her work.

EGO expresses the ideas of ambition, and singularity. A great find for any expert. Danitsa often allows her vocals to speak omitting words and reveals notes that freeze out and get caught in your mind. That voice, is certainly well surrounded by. Such as in ‘SevenUp’ featuring growing artists of the francophone Hip-hop/Rap scene Slimka & Di-Meh (GE). Di-Meh opens the ceremony gradually: through autotune at first and then without, his voice stands out at its simplest effectiveness. Slimka’s rhymes, clean, and playing with sonorities and meanings won’t let you down either. The main theme of the song supposes some heavy basses and chorus coming up from its start: when you will get to that point, you will also undergo the curse of replays. The hanging melody that sets the bridge may send you miles away for a few seconds, be ready, it only takes a ‘click’.

In the track ‘Jungle’ featuring rapper Rico TK, the trusty lady raises the level higher. The production surely makes honour to the title with a languishing 808 bass cheered up with drum rythms. The ‘rainforest’ atmosphere and the flute are well puzzled in the background melody. The singer’s voice leads the track followed by the rapper’s sharp and steady flow. Lose yourself there and you may get some bruises, however, we know it’s worth it. And if you wish to sit down and appreciate, ‘Days’ and ‘Repo Man’ should be taken into consideration for your own benefit.

Overall, the album provides multiple different hooks that will soon or later make you nod your head. With a great sense of adaptation and consistency, twenty three year old Danitsa shows an well deserved success potential. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until she reaches our yards.

Words By,

Tharushi Stephen

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