[INTERVIEW] Anti-Clone

From the “murder capital of England” to dominating Europe.

A sit down interview with Lam Richardson.


Sipping a coffee in the Café Nero on Boston high street, guitarist and vocalist Liam ‘Lam’ Richardson begins by telling me a brief band history. “The band played its first show in July 2011, with a practically different line-up,” he laughs. “Things didn’t really get serious though until about 2013, that’s when we really started gigging more regularly, and getting some decent supporting slots as well as venturing out of Lincolnshire more regularly.” He smiles, reminiscing on old times as he takes a sip of his coffee.

Anti-Clone are known to have an obscenely unique sound, Lam began to go into detail about his bandmates and their musical tastes. “It kind of came as a meeting point of all of our tastes really,” he explains, “Mr. Clone (lead vocals) and Drew (drums/programming), have always been big into their nu-metal, whereas Con (guitar/vocals) and Mike (bass) like the heavier side of things. They’re big into their tech and deathcore.” Lam points out, before continuing, “I’m more into alt-rock/ post-hardcore, but nu-metal is something that we all really love as a group. Sprinkle that with a little groove and an industrial edge, and you’ve got a pretty tasty recipe”. He laughs, sipping again on his coffee.

Touring with Skindred in 2014 skyrocketed Anti-Clone into the stratosphere, amplifying their homegrown fans to a wider range. “It is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done.” He smiles, before showing me photos on his phone detailing the gigs. “The crowds we got to play to, and the places we got to see were incredible!” Lam continues to scroll slowly through some pictures that range from crowd shots, to backstage exclusives. “The Skindred guys themselves taught us a hell of a lot along the way, too”.

“We can’t wait to get out to Europe again really,” he explains, before closing his phone and sitting back sipping on his coffee again. You can catch Anti-Clone on their November tour in the UK for the debut of their album ‘The Root of Man’. When asked how the band felt about being able to tour their own album, Lam responds, “We’re three shows into the tour right now, and it’s been a great laugh. Seen a lot of familiar faces so far, which is always great!” he exclaims, smiling. “Obviously it means we’ve made a good impression! It’s one of the greatest feelings watching people sing your songs back at you, especially when you’ve travelled across the country to play for them”.

Trying to escape from the Boston area can be difficult, anyone who’s experienced it can tell you that. When asked about the band’s personal difficulties, Lam replies, “Good question,” whilst laughing. “With Lincolnshire not really having that much of a music scene, hindered further by the recent loss of the Axe (and Cleaver, Boston), it did make things difficult.” He concludes, thinking before continuing. “Even in places like Lincoln, you are hindered by the lack of dedicated music venues, and the places you can play generally have a substantial hire cost,” he sighs dejectedly. “However, now when we play a local show we get one hell of a crowd, which I think shows that people want gigs in the area.”

Being funded by a company always allows an artist to expand their horizons to bigger and better ventures. Recently endorsed by Vocalzone, Anti-Clone have been able to work on merchandise, festivals and headlining tours. “Vocalzone are great. They sent us a huge care package to make sure our throats are cared for on this run,” he smiles. “We’re also endorsed by Blackstar Amplification and Barmetal Clothing who have helped us out with promotion and gear over the years. It’s really great knowing we have all these people behind us, it’s a massive help.” Lam admits, showing me a few of the new shirt designs that are available on this tour.

Although a band is one unit, it’s also important to be able to consider the members as individuals. “I touched a bit on this earlier, but our individual influences vary quite broadly,” he explains. Adding on this he begins to list these inspirations including Drew who loves Limp Bizkit and A Perfect Circle, Con who loves Meshuggah, Deftones and The Acacia Strain, Mike who loves Whitechapel, Oceano and some “really nasty slam bands” whilst Mr. Clone loves Marilyn Manson, Korn and Nine Inch Nails. He finishes off with his own favourite bands including Fightstar, Bloc Party and Marilyn Manson.

The band were awarded ‘Best Underground Act’ 2016 by Metal 4U, and have always been backed by the magazine. “It’s the first award we’ve ever received, so we were pretty made up! Hopefully it’s the first of quite a few,” he admits sheepishly.

Alongside planning their debut album tour, Anti-Clone also headlined the Spanky Van Dykes stage at the MacMillan Festival in Nottingham.

When questioned about any further festival features, Lam simply responds, “It’s often a bit of a waiting game with festivals in all honesty. Keep your eyes peeled is all I can really say!” You can follow Anti-Clone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further tour and gig information. “We’re trying to organise a few things, but we’ll see what happens.” Lam then goes on to add, “We’re writing some new material right now, and trying to set up some more bits and pieces for next year. A few surprises here and there too, hopefully,” he admits. “We’re playing a new song on this tour, and it’s been getting great reactions so far. Lots to keep us ticking over during the winter period, that’s for sure”. Anti-Clone will be supporting Unleash The Archers for two UK dates, and their individual headlining tour tickets are still for sale. For more information, find the bands website at www.anticlonehq.com.

Words by Bekky Smart

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