Taylor Swift Puts Her Reputation At Risk With Expensive Tickets

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation was released on the 10 November 2017 much to the delight of her avid fan base. It went to number one in its first week, selling 1.2 million copies, slightly less than her last album 1989 which sold 1.3 million copies. Although, it’s not yet available on Spotify or any other streaming sites, it seems to have not done too badly. Could it have sold more if it were available to stream?   We’ll never know.

She made an announcement last week that she will be doing a stadium tour for her album Reputation, the tickets go on sale on Friday 1 December at nine am. She’ll be playing in June next year for the UK leg, only three dates have been announced so far with fans showing their displeasure at the apparent prices.

According to one fan on twitter she was asked to pay £635, and that was just for one ticket, “your tickets are more than my car payment each month! #toopoorfortaylor”, says another fan. The system that she set up for her fans to get the tickets was a complicated maze of: following social media sites, buying multiple copies of her albums, buying her merchandise. And that didn’t even guarantee that you would get a pre-sale code for the tickets, even once you’ve gone through all that.

It seems to be a way to try to combat the ever growing issue of ticket scalpers, yet it has just come across as a money grabbing scheme. Compared recent artists selling tickets: Ed Sheeran for £50, Foo Fighters for £55, Swift has very much outdone all of them. Although, her fans appear to be disgruntled at the prices, it is most likely that she will not have any problem selling out the venues. Though only time will tell.

Words: Emily Bowles

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