Trampolene at 229 the venue (Live Review)

Trampolene are an oddity in the modern music scene,  an otherwise bashful Welsh trio combining chaotic guitars with spoken word. However, as support from Libertine legends Carl Barat and Pete Doherty proved, sometimes you don’t need a predecessor to pave your way, sometimes you’re better off treading your own.

The band are becoming familiar faces of This Feeling, partaking in their festival and club appearances over the last few years. One of such nights was at 229 The Venue, London.

“We have a love no one can comprehend,” singer Jack Jones once told me, and it really is something you have to see to understand. The sheer breadth and diversity of the crowd was immediately striking- young and old, punks and hipsters – similar only in their joy for music. Looking around the crowd as the band tore through one of their most well known, ‘Alcohol Kiss’, drinks were raised and heads were thrown back by a crowd that never missed a note.

The highlight of a set filled with poetic interludes was undoubtedly the duet between Jones and a fan, singing ‘Beautiful Pain’- the band’s latest single. Hearing the song live, in such a raw and unrehearsed manner really drove the lyrics home, and cements the fact that Jones is capable of far more than just writing clattering anthems. Lyrically he is arguably one of the best around, and filled with the anecdotal charm perhaps Doherty, and Morrissey before him, mastered.

The show was brought to a close with Jones riding through his final chords- literally, as the mandatory crowd surf brought him to the very centre of the crowd. The mic was passed, and even the guitar was shared with the audience. This gang mentality is at the heart of Trampolene, their shows are not only a performance, but a great get-together of friends reunited every time.

Trampolene are an honest band, working their way up to greatness the old fashioned way. There’s something so endearing about their awareness as a small group, yet simultaneously there’s no denying the ambition they have.

They may only just be beginning to ride the big waves now, but with their talent and driving force of support, it seems they’ll be soon be the ones making the waves that inspire others.


Words by,

Briony Warsop

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