Newton Faulkner at ULU Student Central Live Review

Time to start turning up to every Newton Faulkner gig an hour early folks!

Faulkner gives the first 50 people in the queue VIP meet and greet wrist bands for an intimate chat after the show. Being one of the first in the queue brings many benefits – first to the bar, merch and the stage. Almost too many choices; I picked the stage. Front and centre, the perfect spot to see any gig.

Kicking off with ‘To the Light,’ the first song from his first album Hand Built by Robots. Faulkner plays this with soft guitar drumming followed by the intricate finger picking we expect from him. With a chuckle and a smile, he introduces himself before moving onto his next song, Smoked Ice Cream, taken from his newest, self-produced album Hit the Ground Running. He not only uses his acoustic guitar, kick drum and mini keyboard (which he plays with his feet), he has now picked up an electric guitar and even taken up the piano.

After playing hits including Teardrop, I Need Something and Clouds. Faulkner introduces us to Tessa Rose Jackson as they play So Long. Beautiful and eerie, this song perfectly displays their talent with harmonies vocally and musically. Doing this with one microphone was a brave choice and at his request the audience stayed silent and enticed the whole time.

Carry You was written to comfort his son along with a carving of a father and son Elephant whilst he was on tour. His son however did not share the sentiment and found it creepy. Finishing the first piano song there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Finishing up with his biggest song to date Dream Catch Me goes into a medley of UFO, Gone in the Morning and Write It On Your Skin. At this point the crowd takes on a mind of its own and starts doing all the harmonies, splitting themselves into groups which takes Faulkner aback as they go wild – which he loves and continues.


Words by,

Courtney Solloway

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