Taylor Swift ‘Ready For It’ music video review.

Taylor Swift recently dropped her track ‘Ready For It,’ on the 24th October through Big Machine records. However, today, sadly, marks the release date of the music video.

As expected, the US pop artist experiments with an unnecessary range of theatrical scenes within the music video; none in which show any correlation to the lyrics or meaning of the track.

‘Ready For It’ opens with a zoomed-in image of her name graffitied on a rusted garage door. So street, so urban. Oh, how controversial.

Similarly to her recent music video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ ‘Ready For It’ experiments with playful and extraterrestrial costumes. Supposedly this is meant to embrace her change of character within the music industry from basic white girl to ‘bad girl Swift.’

*I’m cringing too*

Taylor sings, ‘Are you ready for it?’ as what appears to be an attempt of an intimidating rhetorical question. However the only thing I’m not ready for is her poor attempt at rapping.

The music video seems like a tacky trailer for a ripped off X-men movie. Strangely, the track does emphasise it’s own sense of authenticity however doesn’t tell us anything.

What happened to songs like Love Story? You Belong With Me? Teardrops on my Guitar? Absolute Swift anthems, now all we are left with is try hard videos with lack of meaning. It’s only downhill from here.

Check out Ready For It here.


Words by,

Laviea Thomas


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