After a brief hiatus, All Time Low have returned. Following a week-long media campaign where they teased fresh tunes on their social media, they’re bigger and better than ever: announcing that they’ve signed to the pop punk giant label Fueled By Ramen and releasing new track, Dirty Laundry.

Far from the sugary sweet style of their back catalogue, the Baltimore quartet’s new single opens with an ethereal synth beat. It sounds dark, like ribbons curling through your chest and mind until you can’t forget, squeezing tight. Frontman Alex Gaskarth’s voice layers the track perfectly with dulcet, astral tones. At some points, it sounds like his velvety crooning is melding with the song.

From a first listen, you’d think that Dirty Laundry is you’re average dull heartbreak song. But lyrics such as “I don’t care what you did/I only care what we do” and “Nobody’s perfect I confess/But she’s perfect enough”, it’s clear to see that this is a love song – and it’s a love song like no other. All Time Low are acknowledging that actually, nobody is perfect – and no relationship will ever be perfect – and that’s what makes this song stand out against the rest.

It looks like Fueled By Ramen suits the band perfectly.

Words by Lucy Wenham

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