One of the most exciting shoegaze revival bands to emerge from the wave of floppy fringe pedal enthusiasts that have hijacked the airwaves recently, London’s Ulrika Spacek are back less than a year after the release of their debut album.

Their droning sound gets a pop-song structure focused rehash on Mimi Pretend, with their trademark celestial vocals melting into the guitars, an elegant cross between the DIY Postcard post-punk sound and the stratospheric dreaminess of the first wave of shoegazers.

Preceding Modern English Decoration, their second album, and their second in as many years at that, this too was birthed from the band’s shared ex-art gallery house. Unlike much of their debut though, this is the work of a 5-person hive mind, not just 2, as reflected in the textural approach that’s more than apparent even from the first listen.

Whatever might set this apart from The Album Paranoia is hard to ignore, but rest assured there are dead exciting things happening in the Spacek camp, and you should all stay tuned.

Ulrika Spacek’s new album Modern English Decoration is out 2nd June.

(Written by Cal Cashin)


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