In an unsettled time for the world, a healthy dose of punk rock was just the ticket to liven up the atmosphere on the UCA Epsom Campus. The first event of the academic year was organized by Mila Nixon and Kelly Ronaldson of UCA’s feminist society and it was a spectacular evening, the crowd was dotted with punk fans old and young itching to enjoy the talent on show.

Three Piece post-punk influenced Mr Heart opened the proceedings with Punchy aggressive riffs accompanied by anthemic song writing this band had the crowd in their palms throughout their angst ridden exhilarating set. The Ethical Debating Society were in the headline slot putting on a wild show, both vocalists were received well by the crowd showing lots of character and clearly enjoying the performance playing all the way to the 11pm curfew.

Even the last minute cancelations of The Potentials and Little fists didn’t spoil the event as both bands thrived in extended set lists The inauguration of Donald Trump will undoubtedly have a big effect on the music industry some even saying it could spark a punk revival and bands like Mr Heart and The Ethical Debating Society make that prospect a huge possibility.

Words by Aimee Armstrong

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