Trendspotting is always a popular activity at the start of the year. The music journalists, they gather – like mop-topped vultures perhaps, or piranhas without the oral hygiene – and they draw up lists upon lists upon lists of the bands and brands and artists and disc jockeys that they think are going to populate the ensuing year’s airwaves.

But come hither, wretched net-surfer, for this is the only list of things that’ll be huge in 2017 that you need to guide you. With a massive oversaturation of new music, you need a trustworthy guide to be your companion in the search for new music, so I ask you; friends, Romans, countrymen; let me be your Sherpa Tenzing.  

From all across the globe, these essential artists are going to be making a big, big splash worldwide, and it’s your job as an eagle eyed consumer to spot ’em a mile off. All worth keeping an eye on, you can be sure no matter what this bunch of hopefuls does, they’ll be doing better things artistically than The bloody blimey XX.

Image result for marine le pen
Marine Le Pen: the 4-piece’s enigmatic frontwoman


Taking their name from the French for “Water Feature”, this European indietronica outfit look set to make a huge name for themselves in 2017. A four piece, I think, Marine Le Pen’s grooves are set to appeal to the audience left disaffected after the Klaxons split up (although, they are perhaps more Golden Dawn than Golden Skans! Ayy), sounding someone like a combination of nu-rave and classic disco. April 23rd will see them release their debut, but we’ve got a rough idea which direction it’ll take from their 2016 single The Absolute Rejection of Islamic Fundamentalism!, which we heard first at The Wave, and LOVED!


Infectious indie pop that just makes me wanna yell; “get me to the Greeks!” Kind of like a revivalism of indie’s glory days, a Razorlight-meets-Pigeon Detectives extravaganza, the funtastic sounds of this Greek four-piece are going to make a big splash in 2017. Like compatriot Giorgios Samaras, they’re just the kinds of artist that will be very well received by a British audience raised on Oasis and Enoch Powell. This quartet of party animals were DELIGHTED by Trump’s victory, and with their next album, a follow up to September 2015’s 18 Seats, they look to keep the party atmosphere up. What we need to make 2017 even better than 2016!


Sometimes you gotta look back into your country’s history to go forward, and for Germany’s Frauke Petry, a minimalist techno outfit, that importance has never been greater. FP take a lotta influence from uhhh, the Kraftwerk, with their ideas, and look to bring back the glory days of uhhh, the woman that sings 99 Luftballoons. An album is expected at the end of September, and whether their gristly throb is your cuppa tea or not, it will probably make you sit up and take note.


Party For Freedom? Sounds like fun! This fun loving hip-hop troupe, led by wild thing Geert Wilders have two goals: to make party-ready pop-rap a la Sugarhill Gang, and to eradicate all non-Dutch from their native Netherlands. “There’s an especial problem with Moroccans”, Wilders said in an interview with umm, probably NME, earlier this year, before probably going on to say something about their lust for the marriage of Nile Rodgers-style production and lyrics that both rhyme and reference Western popular culture.


This psychedelic guitar band, complete with two sitarists and a moog-sician, have been dubbed capable of putting on “the third biggest party in Hungary”. We’ve all seen Zoltan Gera on the dancefloor of East London nightclubs, haven’t we, popping away to Euro trance, so we’re sure that those Hungarians really know how to party, and they don’t put up with landfill indie, do they? They always boo the pests, the Hungarians do. Jobbik want to bring out a record in 2018, and with singles like Hammer The SZDSZ and (Don’t Let Them) Solomons Buy Land, it’s easy to see what direction the soon-to-seminal Eastern European sextet will take. Your move, Jobbik!


Animalistic frontman, Timo Soini, is best known for his 2015 collaboration album It’s Coalition Time with fellow Finnish dance producer Sipila. But with summery rock group True Finns, he has a voice for his authentic rock ‘n’ roll music, something that will no doubt soundtrack the Summer for Scandanavian music lovers. Think The Hives meet Primal Scream, True Finns are gonna tear 2017 a new one!

Image result for golden dawn
Greek group the Golden Dawn have some of the most committed fans out there!

To conclude? We all had a riot in 2016, didn’t we? Everyone keeps saying that, don’t they? “2016,” one of the journalists will say aloud, probably in a Pret A Manger: “humanity’s best year yet?” But 2017 can one-up it, and with these upcoming bands there’s a soundtrack to that! Let’s get Marine Le Pen up on stage, and listen to their glorious sounds. With great stuff like this on its way in 2017, we can guarantee (to paraphrase that Kendrick Lemar the kids are listening to) thus; we gon’ be alt right!

Written by Cal Cashin

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