The next step for music streaming?


Newest streaming player, Electric Jukebox, has just hit the UK and is allowing users to stream ad-free music without a subscription cost. With nearly 30 million songs added to their library, the latest music platform lets you listen to music via your TV by plugging the Electric Jukebox TV stick into your HDMI port and then connecting to your Wi-Fi. You can use the controller to point and click on songs, as well as being able to use the microphone to deliver voice commands.

Available at Selfridges, Amazon and Argos with a UK RRP of £169 for the Electric Jukebox TV stick and controller, you can get a year’s ad free streaming before having to purchase another year’s worth of ad free membership for £52. With the option of streaming for free but with advertising, Electric Jukebox still works out cheaper than competitors Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Showing support from Stephen Fry, Alesha Dixon and Robbie Williams, as well as signing deals with Warner, Sony and Universal amongst others, should Spotify be worried? I don’t think so.


A new survey has shown that on average, Britons are spending £144 a year on music streaming services, so it’s not a long shot to expect users to fork out £169. But with app usage on mobile phones/laptops/PC’s more than doubling since 2014, are users going to want to spend money on a service that is only available on their TV? Especially when this service doesn’t even provide the option to watch music videos. Pretty lame. You can just go onto YouTube for free.

The man behind the product, Robert Lewis, has said “Streaming is the future but today only 8% of UK consumers subscribe because it is expensive, difficult and complicated.” I’m not sure about you, but I feel a bit skeptical about this. Surely having to buy the product and then hook it up to your TV is a lot more complicated then streaming from your phone or laptop? I praise Electric Jukebox for their concept, but I can’t see this taking the UK by storm.

Tia Corquaye

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