Travis Scott’s latest album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, delivers a much anticipated refined sound to his last release. Birds showcases a more production focused Scott, who takes a largely backseat approach on the vocals and instead creates a multi-layered symphony of beats to present his guest vocalists on.

The edgier sound of Scott’s debut album Rodeo is replaced by a gothic air of grandeur on Birds. The stylised, dark atmospheric sound shows the progression of Scott’s ability as a producer, a transformation heavily influenced by Kanye West, who features on the album.

The focus on Scott’s new signature sound on the album has led to the sacrifice on variety. A distinct lack of difference in the melodies and drum beats of many of the songs creates a reliance on the guest’s vocal cadence and lyrics to provide independence to each of the songs. The album lacks a more upbeat and harder hitting song, the closest being either Guidance or Kendrick’s typically unique and brilliant verse on Goosebumps.

Scott’s unwillingness or indeed inability to apply his new-found sound to more styles places a damper on this release, which needs to be addressed in his next album, perhaps helped by guest list prompting him into a new direction.

The album incorporates a 14 strong song list, whilst many may argue this approach is nothing but good news for listeners, a smaller sample of songs perfected to the best of his ability would make the album holistic, and not something that people would just pick and choose their favourites from. Short and sweet, rather than long and hurried.

Scott’s position as host in this album far better suits his abilities than his position as star in his last, his direction now promises fans a concentrated and polished finish worthy to present the tremendous talent that guests.

Written by Jamie Raybould

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