BLACKASH, on their first track ever, seem to have been birthed unto the world fully formed. Psychedelic troubadors making 10 minute cosmic opuses that stretch sleazy riffage, cosmic noises and fuzz-fest vocals are just what the world’s been waiting for. But these aren’t youngsters twiddling with geetars for the first time. No. The brum band are “a space rock producer, an acid house pioneer, a dark lord of the DNB club scene, the driving force of a far eastern sleaze rock outfit and a shape shifting couturier prophet,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On their debut single, the lyrics may be cliche, but everything else comes right outta leftfield to transport you to a higher plane. As the earlier description dictates, Black Witch is a psyched-out cosmotronic opus that has the sensibilities of club music; the guitar groove is locked in and jammed out over 10 minutes, whilst the band constantly make sure the music is twisting and turning, winding and winding, reaching various climaxes and clifftops of underworldly ephedra. This is acid rock meets acid house, and the results are as gloriously entrancing as you’d imagine.

(Written by Cal Cashin)

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