It was a cold Friday night. Hungover from the night before, I ventured to Chalk Farm to see one of my all-time favourite bands Testament. By the time I had arrived I’d already missed the first support act Grand Magus. This was my first time ever seeing these legendary thrash pioneers, Testament. As I entered Roundhouse, I was hit with security and drunk metal heads stumbling everywhere.  I was alone and hungover, I really couldn’t be bothered. However, I had been waiting five years to see this band and had bought my ticket months ago, so there was no chance I was missing this. As I entered the ground floor standing area, the heat was unbearable with masses of sweaty, hairy men surrounded me. But before I even had time to think Testament came on stage.

The opening was dramatic and tense. Strobe lights darting everywhere – people screaming and shouting. I stayed near the back so my view wasn’t too great, but what I did hear and see was quite worth the wait. Lead singer Chuck Berry flying across the stage while still hitting those shattering high notes. The crowd didn’t seem as excited as me, but they did perform a lot of new songs. The new album is good, but nothing beats the classics. Bearing in mind that Amon Amarth were the headliners and not Testament, the crowd was extremely busy.

They did not perform the bangers I wanted to hear such as ‘Into the Pit’ and ‘Practice what you Preach’ which was a massive disappointment. They played other classics but it wasn’t exactly the best gig ever for me. The set felt shorter than other gigs, as soon as I got in there I felt like I had left again. Overall, their stage presence and performance was amazing, but I would have liked a wider variety of songs and a longer set list.

Words By Charlotte Griffiths

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