Following the disappointing news of the American election result, attending a Sleaford Mods show seemed like the only thing that would restore my faith in humanity, almost like a politically charged exorcism.

The Roundhouse was packed, the room was teeming with anticipation, the stench of overpriced beer and middle-aged sweat congested the room, the smell inescapable yet familiar. Once the final support band had finished there was a surprising short set up time for the duo, granted it probably doesn’t take very long to set up a laptop, microphone and a few empty beer creates.

When Mods finally came on, the room ruptured into turmoil and cheers, with some edging forward to join the forming pit, while others turning away so that they could escape the uproar. The setlist was strong, while delivering some classics such as Giddy on the Ciggies, Face to Faces and the more recent TCR, Sleaford Mods also performed a few new tracks from their upcoming album, the most notable of these new songs was We’re going down like BHS, which seemed to really strike a chord with the audience.

However, the encore was probably the best part of the set; Tied up in Notts, Jobseeker and Tweet Tweet Tweet. This had the crowd going berserk from start to finish, the pit was chaotic and I’m pretty sure the majority of the bruises that I gained that evening were from the encore, most memorable of these being an elbow and a crowd surfer’s foot to the face. Overall it was everything that I had hoped and dreamed for from my first ever Sleaford Mods show!

Words by Rob Mckelvey

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