Photo Finish are a pop punk band from Peterborough who are building a following on Twitter based on their likeable sense of humour and the occasional pun. The band’s made up of Alex (vocals), Pete (lead guitar) Luke (bass), Jordan (drums) and Ben (session drummer/backing vocals). With them releasing their debut record titled EP Phone Home on the 28th October, I thought it would be a great opportunity to sit down for a chat.


So to start off with tell me about the writing process and how the EP came about?

Pete: “The EP was something that we spoke about when we first started writing as a band in September 2015, we wanted to release a few demo’s and play a couple of shows and release something official early 2016. We had it all planned out but never stuck to it, we found ourselves headlining the second stage of Festive-All at the O2 Academy in Islington back in December and from there we attended meet ups and played a variety of shows in different places and the recording kept getting pushed back.”

Your EP was meant to be released back in March, why did it take so much longer?

Luke: “We would turn up to record the tracks and would end up recording a spontaneous cover of Abba or something ridiculous like that, we were just so undisciplined with it. We were in talks about touring around March time
too. We played a show in Cheltenham and Pete ended up breaking his leg in multiple places by being a complete moron, I mean we took giant inflatable balls to that show and nearly injured a lot of people but it was fun – but it also pushed us back further.”

Where do you get the inspiration for your music?

Alex: “The majority of the songs were written by Pete but the way it works is that he will turn up to rehearsal and we will learn what he has written. Then he will take a step back and let us pull it apart and put our own individual styles on it. It takes a while but it means that we all get a say in the music that we play.”

What do you enjoy writing about the most?  

Jordan: “Alex will write individual situations to him, Pete will write songs for his friends who are going through a hard time – so pop punk. And Luke will just write about things that wind him up really.”

You are very active on social media when it comes to interacting with fans, why is this?

Pete: “A lot of bands use social media to promote everything they are doing and to an extent we do the same. We would be daft not to but we also use it to make friends. We have met so many awesome people through Twitter and Instagram just by talking to them. We are a big group of jokers and we do have a laugh with it and it’s great when people get involved and join in with it. We enjoy being personal with people and we want to be known as a band that have a good time and appreciate everyone that gets involved with us. When we play shows we are the sort of band to stand in the crowd supporting the other bands playing and meeting people who have come to see us. It’s just what we love doing.”

Finally, how about the future – what can we expect from you following this EP?

Pete: “We have nothing lined up for the rest of the year so far but we may give a Christmas Party a shot! For us now it’s about promoting the EP, maybe a few spontaneous shows but then it’s back to writing ready for another release relatively soon hopefully.”


Words by Louise Tindall

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