Recently, I got in contact with the band, The Velvet Hands. The Garage, Rock band are hitting it up in London next month for their ‘This Feeling’ gig. Having only recently discovered the group , I decided to take it upon myself and ask them a few questions. Interview as follows:

How did you come up with the name of your Band?

Louis: There’s a Beatles track called Happiness Is a Warm Gun that has a line about a Velvet hand. That’s mad that is.

What genre would you identify your sound as?

Toby: Rock and Roll baby!

Where do you hope to see your band in the next couple of years?

Toby: I guess in the next couple of years we’ll hopefully be a couple of albums in.

When is your next gig?

Louis: The 26th November at The Amersham Arms in New Cross, you should all come, it’ll be fun.

Where has been your personal favourite place to gig at?

Toby: We supported Yak in Falmouth and it was just a ridiculous night. It ended with us all singing along to Islands in the Stream being driven home by our knight In shining armor/manager.

Louis: Plymouth gigs are really bonkers which I love. We played at a really gorgeous theatre in St Ives recently though and that was quite special.

Which one of you procrastinates the most during practice?

Toby: I’m not sure, Louis sometimes complains of being ‘tired’, because he plays drums but we are usually quite on it.

Louis: We’ve been known to become lackadaisical if a mirror is present at a practice.

Is there any particular artist or band that you would say have inspired your music?

Toby: Quite a collective mix between the four of us really. I guess a lot of New York 70s have had an influence on our sound. Also Trans by Neil Young has influenced me personally in a big way.

Are you working on any new music currently?

Louis: Forever and always. The VH labs are always bubbling with possibilities.

If you had to compare your sound to another band, who would it be?

Louis: I get quite panicky over who we sound like. Mott the Hoople meets the Buzzocks.

Have you done any emailed interviews before?

Toby: We have, but never one as cozy as this one.

What are the music vibes like in your hometown?

Louis: It’s kind of the indiest of indie bands or technical metal. No inbetween. Pick a side or get out of music really.

Which is your favourite song to perform?

Louis: Though it’s not ours, whenever we feel confident enough to do Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes, it’s great.

Have you always been interested in music?

Toby: Yeah, my Grandad taught me how to play guitar when I was around 7. I’ve forgotten a lot of the valuable skills he taught me, but the passion is still here…

Who is your favourite artist/ band?

Louis: Our favourite artist as a band has got to be Creedence Clearwater Revival. All of our songs tend to descend into a shitty Creedence cover every now and then.

Who would you say is the most disorganised in the band?

Toby: I wouldn’t like to say…

Louis: Toby, and it’s made even worse because he is chief organiser. We need to have a referendum to access our option on this front.


Words by Laviea Thomas

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