Charming sister duo A Pocketful of Stars are set to grab the music industry with both hands this year, with their first official EP this month and an album in the works for early January – the future is looking remarkably bright!
With music comprised of flutes, keyboards, guitars and drums – they truly are a band to watch out for.

Originally from Bath, Jubbi (who goes by the stage name of Skye) and her sister Arriana (Shine) divide themselves between Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham to help promote their music and careers as much as they can.
Having various original songs already available to stream on their YouTube channel, Jubbi expressed her excitement at having them finally track listed: “they’ve been written for a while and we’re really excited to have them recorded and out there!”

Catch A Pocketful of Stars taking part in Take the Stage this year, a well-known fundraising evening in the UK for Cancer Research, performing alongside various other up and coming artists as well as their own headline show with Japanese act Psydoll in November for an evening you won’t want to miss.


Words by Tammy Cotton

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