As you may know Justin Bieber has had his fair few tantrums and stage walk-offs and to be honest, they used to be fucking hilarious. But since Bieber’s music has matured, was his latest walk off justified or was it just another ridiculous outburst to add to his list. His walk off was caused by the audience not obeying his wishes of two minutes of not screaming whilst he was trying to speak to them, Bieber walked off the stage momentarily and did return to finish his set but there was no more audience interaction.

Speaking to a member of the audience who was at his other Manchester concert who said

“I understand why he walked off as the crowd were not respecting him, he asked for a couple minutes of none screams and they kept going, he was very interactive and was nice to our crowd.”

It does seem a bit petty to walk off stage, although a source has said he did ask some girls if they were in the same room as him (just them and him) would they still be screaming in his face. It adds perspective and if all he ever does is get screamed at then I can understand the frustration. Admittedly I think that Justin dealt with it rather well, he didn’t ‘storm off’ as the tabloid would make you believe, he simply acknowledged the fact that the majority of his fans don’t really give a shit about what he has to say and so he just came on and carried on with his songs. He can also afford to rent a £4.5 million mansion in Cheshire for the Northern part of his England tour and I’d take a lot more shit that just people screaming in my face to walk away from that.

Although this scenario was blown completely out of proportion, Bieber has caused a bit of a fury off the stage by driving on the wrong side of the road with his convoy of range rovers, swerving into the wrong lanes into oncoming traffic in a small Cheshire town. So it turns out you still can’t take Bieber anywhere without at least a bit of controversy.


Words by Jonny Page

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