Sacramento’s finest experimental hip-hop group Death Grips took to the stage for an abrasive but phenomenal evening at the Village Underground. The sold out show led to a sardine like crowd as everyone tried to cram to the front for the best view. With no support acts there was almost a slow start to the set from the crowd’s perspective, although I’m sure many were riled up by the venue’s anti-touting tactics that led to the show being delayed by a fair amount of time.

The stage had minimal lighting, so at times only the silhouettes of MC Ride was the only thing you could see, adding an air mystery to all the chaos that was occurring on stage. As soon as ‘Get Got’ started it was like an extra layer of madness and intensity was added to the landscape, what followed was an adrenaline fuelled fire that refused to go out for the remainder of the evening, the band played a wide range of songs from their repertoire, spanning across all of their albums, with minimal gaps between songs everything blended together perfectly in an hour and half long blaze of tension, uproar and ferociousness.

Words by Rob McKelvey

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