Sparking into immediate and striking life with some of his most abrasive textures to date, Oliver Wilde’s stunning latest single Good Kind of Froze sees the Bristol-based indie-experimentalist explore further into the realms of weird as he reaches new levels of captivating brilliance.

Following the crisis of confidence that led to Wilde’s record label Howling Owl having to persuade the musician to release his last full length EP somewhat against his own desire, this brilliantly bizarre new track suggests the passion has returned for Wilde as he produces one of his most confident and brave efforts thus far. The track has an instant and unrelenting momentum, fuelled by a wall of fierce electronics that is far more aggressive and unrelenting than anything present on previous releases highlighting Wilde’s bold decision to continue to push the sonic boundaries of his music.

Despite the unprecedented level of menace in the fizzing synthesisers that charge this track with a frightening dark energy, Wilde once again proves he possesses the rare and often difficult ability of creating a world where beauty can coexist with wild and insistent experimentation. Warm guitar tones softly hum in the tracks sweeping, melancholic chorus, shining kaleidoscopic rays of dazzling psychedelic melody through the haze of distorted synth leads that came before, offering a soothing respite. In addition to this wondrous composition, the swooning female vocals that feature throughout add yet another layer of gorgeous sound to lose yourself within as Wilde continues to demonstrate why he’s one of the most creative under the radar artists currently working in the UK.

Words by Joe Austin

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