The choice cut from Anna Von Hausswolff’s 2015 magnum opus The Miraculous has at long last received the single release it deserves. Spanning a mammoth 10 minutes of gnostic, frosty experimentalism, Come Wander With Me/Deliverance marries Von Hausswolf’s piercing cries of mythological proportions, with a colossal church organ and increasingly terse stabs of post-rock guitar.

Anna grabs you by the hand, and brings you on a winding journey, with the music reaching various ebbs and peaks. At times, Von Hausswolff’s voice almost imitates the non-lyrical delivery of The Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser, matching it in terms of raw beauty, and arguably beating it in terms of raw power. Swans go out on tour with Von Hausswolff later this year, and you can just imagine her humungous church organ being the perfect appetiser for having your face blown off by Michael Gira’s guitar to.

Words by Calum Cashin

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