The iconic Roundhouse has hosted many gigs noted in musical history (Bowie, Hendrix, Pink Floyd), so playing this venue is a big deal. Despite the excitable teenage girls, it’s refreshing to see a mature audience fill up a large percentage of the room, showing that Lower Than Atlantis have matured along with fans from the beginning.

Opening act Black Foxxes were unknown to most of the audience, so they had their work cut out. Starting out of key and unable to hold any notes, they picked up. Ending with their popular song River, they got a polite reception. With the majority of their guitar heavy music and deep, emotional lyrics, the Exeter band sound like a more accessible version of Brand New.

Heavily enforcing pop punk stereotypes, with jeans so tight that they may as well be painted and fringes more floppy than a disk your parents had in the 90s, As It Is divided opinion. With frontman Patty Walters’ incredible crowd control, their rise in popularity is deserved. Walters focused more on his high jumping than singing and the band looked as if their feet were nailed to the stage.

Being one of the most anticipated bands of the tour, Moose Blood annihilated their slot. Opening with I Hope You’re Miserable, this band are not afraid to change their performance formula. Despite their setlist being the best hits from their debut I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time to Time, they had heavy involvement from the crowd. The perfect warm up for Lower Than Atlantis.

Lower Than Atlantis started their set with a dramatic light show and curtain fall whilst playing their new track Get Over It. With the re-release of their latest self titled album featuring exclusive covers and their most recent Radio 1 Live Lounge, LTA played a variation of both old and new songs. Crowd pleaser Ain’t No Friend opened up the room which resulted in bodies crowd surfing from across the entire floor. Pausing, frontman Mike Duce thanked fans for making this show happen before pointing out his family in the balcony – later that night, fans are treated by seeing Duce’s older brother crowd surf. Moving onto the classics, fans were treated to Beech Like The Tree and a gorgeous acoustic version of Deadliest Catch before moving to anthem Another Sad Song. LTA’s encore made a statement: this band is a force to be reckoned with.

Words by Izzy Minogue-Corps

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