Yoodoo Park is a Japan born and California based musician who goes under the pseudonym GRMLN. He’s been playing music from the early age of 13 and since then he’s had one EP and 2 LP’s, all of which are incredible and unique bodies of work. We caught up with Yoodoo to discuss the industry and his views on it, his recording process and the future.


Where did the name GRMLN come from?
I just randomly came up with it before going to college.

When did you realise you wanted to go into music?
I started getting serious after I got signed to a label and got more shows through it to play live.

Are they any musicians who you look up to in the industry?
I’m personally listening to a lot of the Beatles and Michael Jackson, but those are the top musicians I think are really high on my radar at the moment.

What is your process when you record?
Usually just going to a studio, or recording at my house.




Do you prefer the studio process of making music or performing the music live?
I like recording a LOT more, I actually hate performing compared to producing and recording.

What are your views on streaming music, do you believe it’s helping or hindering the industry?
I personally really don’t care about streaming, the money aspect doesn’t really intrigue me so I just kind of ignore it.

Are there any plans on releasing a follow up to Soon Away this year?
Yep, will be releasing LP3 this year.

Will there be a difference in sound? Like with the Explore EP having an atmospheric beach vibe and with Empire having a more heavy guitar noisy sound?
It should be a mix between the two, I’m producing and doing all the recordings for this LP so I get it exactly how I want it.

Are there any plans to come to tour the UK, whether it’s for a new LP or for Soon Away?
I will definitely be trying to do a European tour for this next LP but just all in time.

Do you have a dream collaboration?
Probably having anything produced by the guy who did the Gorillaz Demon Days album.

Where would you like to see yourself at the end of 2016?
Living in a different country.


Words by Connor Spilsbury-Brown

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