Gil Wojcik, one half of indie duo PLOY, talks about Soundcloud, his music and the future of his new solo project as gil the kid.

Washington, D.C. is not only the capital of the United States, it’s also the birthplace of a few legendary artists like Duke Ellington. Unfortunately though the music scene in this political city has always been smaller than in other cities around the US but it finally seems to be growing. gil the kid is only one of the up and coming artists that have come out of the capital recently.

The musician has been married for eight years and has an 18 months old son. By day he serves food in a restaurant and in his spare time he makes music – and has been for a while.
“I’ve been doing music for over a decade. But I only started seriously creating music about 4 years ago,” says Gil, describing one of his first big projects as “raw and very traditional in the sense that it’s almost all acoustic instruments.” This singer/songwriter’s approach is a stark contrast to PLOY, the electro-pop band he started with his friend Justin Victoria a few years back. This project inspired him to take parts of what PLOY was and introduce it into his own music. His song Talking to Myself has recently been featured on the renowned music blog The Line of Best Fit.

How did that feel?

“Being on The Line of Best Fit is great. I was really happy. It’s always a good feeling when one of the bigger blogs picks you up,” says Gil. “But what really feels good is when you just have random people tell you they like your music.”

But what is the music they all like? His work possesses a gentle melancholy, underlined by dreamy synths and lyrics about love, pain, hope, and longing. This makes for relatable and flawlessly composed songs.

That’s why it was surprising to hear him say that lyrics are a mystery to him. “I hate most of what I write before it goes into a song,” muses Gil, “I like writing when I have music to put the words to. I’ve tried writing in notebooks and in journals whenever I can. It feels nice to do it but it’s rare that those writings ever become lyrics to a song.”

Dashboard Confessional, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West. These are artists he names when asked about his biggest inspiration. “I also grew up around the Temptations and Billy Joel, so that has influenced me a lot,” he adds.

But he doesn’t only draw inspiration from musicians, but also from the community on the platform of his choice. Soundcloud has, in recent years, developed into the place to share your music online. “I really love Soundcloud. I think it’s absolutely amazing what it does for anyone who is a creator or a listener,” enthuses Gil. “It has opened up this whole new way to go about getting people to listen to you. It’s a great community, too. You meet all kinds of awesome people.”

Is there an EP in the making? Or maybe a whole album? He shakes his head to the album’s idea, saying that it takes too much time and energy for him to consider it in his current situation: “Nowadays you really need to already have a fanbase who’s going to take the time to listen to it. I would love to do an album, though!”

The EP is set to come out some time in February. “I have so many tracks that I’m working on at the moment so I’m excited to make this EP,” Gil lets slip.

And between all the up and coming acts with EPs on the horizon, gil the kid is certainly one to watch closely.

Words by Lena Pagel

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