The news of Dave Grohl breaking his leg at their performance in Gothenburg disappointed many excited fans who had booked tickets to their Wembley gigs in June. Fortunately, as the frontman screamed himself to open their performance on September 5th, “we came back for you”.

Support for rock legends Foo Fighters came from Royal Blood and punk rock star Iggy Pop, both their original support acts for the Wembley shows.

Opening their two hour and a half set, the sound of the distinctive track Everlong began. “We waited a long fucking time to be here, it’s gunna be a long fucking night” screamed Grohl. Following that, the band played older material, Monkey Wrench, Learn To Fly and The Pretender.  Midway through Monkey Wrench, Grohl declared “I’m nearly better now, I’m gunna dance with you” and proceeded to raise from his extravagant throne whilst continuing to play his guitar and head-bang with the crowd.

Finishing The Pretender, Foo’s frontman interacted with the thousands of excited fans. “I hate cancelling shows. I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” he shouts before the band begins to play a minimalistic version of Big Me as a sign of gratitude to his crew for “… making the throne happen”.

The band continued the long setlist with Congregation from the recent album Sonic Highways and the legendary Walk before covering a snippet of the The Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen and Van Halen’s I’m The One. As if the performance couldn’t get any better, Grohl then announced: “you’ve heard of a supergroup? Well, this is a superdupergroup. The Foo Fighters are living out their fucking fantasy in front of you”. With that, Queen’s Roger Taylor and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones joined them on stage. The “superdupergroup” then launched into an outstanding cover of Under Pressure.

The night continued to get better with the performance of All My Life and Times Like These and then several of the bands older tracks for “the old school fans”. Closing the night with the iconic Best Of You, the most memorable moment of the night was the crowd of 130,000 fans singing along at the top of their voices. The frontman made his way to the end of the stage propped up on crutches where he was joined by the rest of the band. The crowd went into a frenzy of applause as the rock icons bowed and the lights dimmed.

Words by Sophie Nayler

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