In light of #1 tear-jerker Adele releasing her fairly well-hyped third LP 25 this week, we asked The Wave writers to pick out their favourite tracks about heartbreak. From the love-sick songs we love to the ballads that make us bawl, we present the second in our playlist series. Tissues at the ready…

Kate Bush – You’re The One

I’ve never really considered Kate Bush as an overly emotional/heartstring-tugging artist – a lot of her material evokes moods and stories as opposed to full-on emotion. That said, when Ms Bush does decide to make quivering emotional wrecks of her listeners, she goes all out. You’re The One is, by far, one of the most criminally overlooked Bush tracks out there, closing her equally overlooked 1992 effort The Red Shoes. She, rather directly, describes the aftermath of a recently failed relationship: taking her belonging else where, sleeping with some good-looking replacements to fill a boyfriend-shaped void. Ultimately, he’s the only one she wants. There’s some rather moody ballad-friendly organ throughout, whilst Kate’s pals the Trio Bulgaria add to the overall heart-shattering vibe to the track. Jeff Beck also makes an appearance, providing some big guitar parts. it’s Kate Bush in her most emotional state; a raw and rare occurrence. Bill Baker


A Day To Remember – Since U Been Gone

So instead of going for the typical cry your eyes out heartbreak song, I have chosen Since U Been Gone by A Day To Remember. Not Kelly Clarkson’s original. I love this version, its full of energy and excitement and of course heavy drums! With classic ADTR breakdowns in the chorus. This song became really popular, to the point a lot of people actually thought it was an ADTR original. I mean, what isn’t appealing about a rock band covering a pop song?  You get to hear two really good but different versions. Lydia Smedley


Galaxie 500 – Isn’t It A Pity

The closing track to their 1989 sophomore record, Isn’t It A Pity by the slowcore pioneers Galaxie 500 is – although originally written by George Harrison – the most heartfelt, emotionally drenched moment of the whole forlorn LP. Dreamy voiced frontman Dean Wareham sings: “Isn’t it a pity? Isn’t it a shame? We break each other’s hearts, and cause each other pain”, seeing a move away from weather-based and drugs-based lyrical themes, and a move towards genuine authentic emotion. Although the band aren’t as revered today as they should be, they’re the ultimate soundtrack to autumn, and the ultimate soundtrack to heartbreak – it lacks the fiery emotion of many of my favourite break up tracks, but makes up for it with a wonderful, resigned atmosphere that is perfect for those lonely post-heartbreak nights. Calum Cashin


Placebo (ft. David Bowie) – Without You I’m Nothing

Blah blah blah, Placebo haven’t been relevant since the 90s, blah they haven’t put out anything decent since, blaaaah, ok but did your favourite band do a duet with David Bowie? Nah? Didn’t think so. Without You I’m Nothing is probably one of the most aguishly sad songs ever, the definition of a slow death: it’s lazily depressing for a while, but when the chorus starts, it’s very difficult to do anything but sob. The original version is amazing in itself, but the addition of Bowie’s voice gives it even more depth, making it more emotional when you didn’t think it was possible to be. Jillian Blandenier


Herbert Hunter – I Was Born To Love You

To me this is the epitome of northern soul; a powerful undertow which drags the song along with it on a frenetic rollercoaster ride through heartbreak and tears. The Nashville-based Herbert Hunter recorded for Spar and associated labels in the 60s with many of his recordings featuring, as this one does, the session band known as Area Code 613 – some of the same Nashville cats who performed on Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’, one of the finest albums ever made. “Don’t you believe it baby/When they say the things they say/I would never ever do you that way/Just to be near you how I pray…” Gareth Thomas


 Kanye West – Coldest Winter

In terms of the “heartbreak” song, the first thing people instantly thing is that of a romantic coupling that has come to an end and results in some really incredible music. The best type of song is when you can really feel what the artist is/ band are trying to convey to the listener. However heartbreak comes in many different forms and not just in this romantic relationship bubble. The song I chose for heartbreak was Coldest Winter by Kanye West from his album 808s and Heartbreak (appropriate album title for this playlist). Coldest Winter is a Kanye’s take on Memories Fade by Tears For Fears, released back in 1984. This track, layered with drums and atmosphere, is Kanye’s ode to the most important woman in his life, his mother. Kanye lost his mum back in 2007 due to a surgery complication. You can really hear his hurt and loss, his heartbreak. Connor Spilsbury-Brown



When I think about music relating to heartbreak one band springs to mind instantly. Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, known formally as Hurts, have made a name for themselves as the princes of sad synth pop. All three of their albums contain numerous songs about the subject, but the most wallowing and gut wrenching effort is Blind, taken from their second record Exile. You can almost hear lyricist and vocalist Hutchcraft’s heart breaking as he whimpers: “Girl I told you that I would tear me in two if I see you with someone else.” Shannon Cotton


ParamoreAll I Wanted

Whether it was your partner who broke your heart or a best friend who left you all alone, the sheer power of Hayley William’s vocals will make you stand up on your feet and cry out with her all the anger that’s left in you. Starting as a slow ballad, All I Wanted soon grows into a rock song with strong guitar riffs and astonishing vocals. The second verse of this track goes, “I could follow you to the beginning just to relive the start, and maybe then we’d remember to slow down at all our favourite parts”, making this one of my all time favourite heartbreak songs since 2009. Giovanna Paglino

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