Earlier this year, Manchester based indie rock band The 1975 took social media by storm when they removed themselves from it, then returned with a whole new aesthetic and look on their found fame. They also announced a November tour of the UK in order to introduce their new era and close out their old one with a very intimate couple of shows for dedicated fans. This past Friday (20/11/15) they brought their colourful new look on life to Plymouth when they took Plymouth Pavilions by storm.

The show began with an electric set from opening act RAT BOY, a review of a show they did earlier this month was posted on The Wave, which really got the crowd pumped. Then after a very little 20-minute wait; the smoke appeared, the static screen displays kicked in and the band emerged to an ecstatic response from their die hard fans. They kicked off their set with new single Love Me, as frontman Matty Healy floated around busting out some very silly moved, but still managed to make it look cool.

They then went onto perform some fan favourite tracks from their discography, varying from Settle Down to Heart Out to The City. A standout performance though was when they began to perform EP track You. The stage set out with the rectangle screen projections gave this song a whole new level of atmosphere, as blue and white flashes took the outro of this song and made it a crazy outro, which left fans screaming and dancing non stop. The band was left hair flipping and feeling the energy from the crowd, truly a magical moment.

This new tour also introduced four new tracks from the bands upcoming sophomore album. All accompanied with a wine-armed Healy, they flew through tracks such as the chilled Change Of Heart, stuffed full of references to old songs. The new upcoming single Sound was also played with a static display upon the screens; a dazed out George Daniel drummed away to the upbeat synth filled track with Healy chanting “Well I know when you’re around cause I know the sound, I know the sound of your heart”.

They closed their set with arguably their most known hits; Chocolate and Sex, in which Healy gave a sign language example to what the song is about. The crowd participation during sex left the frontman with a smile on his face hearing the lyrics being yelled back to him and left him dancing around the stage rocking out on his guitar.

It’s safe to say that The 1975 are back and better than ever and this gig was a great example of this. Fans were left either speechless or screaming with joy. This new era is very promising and the band will be returning to a less intimate setting next year when they tour their new album I Like It When You Sleep Cause You’re So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.

Words and photo by Connor Spilsbury-Brown

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