Soda Lime Love is the latest offering from Brighton based duo MIAMIGO. It’s the follow up to the band’s first EP Hard To Love which was released earlier this year and sees the self-confessed dark pop purveyors explore a delectable indie electronic sound.

EP opener What I Want is easily the duo’s best track to date – and quite possibly one of the best songs of the year. From the delicious guitars and sparkling synths to Liam Fox’s playful lyrics: “you look ancient, for someone so young”, everything about this track is just heavenly. It is quite simply, an absolute banger.

Second track, Seeing Two, is a modern day indie electro slow jam. With sultry and smooth synths mixed with a healthy amount of groovy guitars and a totally necessary almost acapella breakdown, this is exactly how Marvin Gaye would sound if he was a hipster lothario in 2015.

Nobody sees the inclusion of some unexpected but pleasant jazz vibes. The track’s pulsating percussion is set to Fox’s suave vocals as he sings: “Not gonna pick up the phone when you ring and I won’t feel guilty.”

Closing track Last Summer is full of industrial synths and elusive lyrics like: “Only I know what you did underneath the palm trees”, set to indulgent electronic beats. This is where MIAMIGO’s dark pop claims really prove themselves.

This Brighton band have already released a very good EP this year, but Soda Lime Love just goes to show they have the ability to keep creating cohesive and captivating music.

Listen to What I Want Below:

Words by Shannon Cotton

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