I embarked on my long journey from London to the Louder Than Words Festival on Friday morning. I finally arrive in Manchester at 7:30pm feeling as if i had just crossed Mordor with Frodo and Sam battling Orcs, but in this case the atrocious weather.

As I walk into the Palace Hotel, (which is actually like a palace) I swiftly attached my wristband and let the weekend of music conferences begin.

I went from room to room throughout the weekend visiting talks from panels of successful music writers, poets, DJs, journalists, publishers, artists, authors and bloggers, making me envious but also ambitions.

One of my favourite talks was the last conference I attended on the Sunday, ‘Metal Metal Metal!’with Paul Harris from Kerrang, Louise Brown from Iron Fist and Terry Bezer from Thats Not Metal who also presented Suzz TV. The talk took a very controversial turn covering a vast range of subjects keeping it interesting, one subject that struck my interest was concerning Bring Me The Horizon’s musical development.


Beez felt particularly strong regarding this subject, “Us rock kids gave Bring Me The Horizon a leg up, they wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for us”. Bring Me are moving further and further away from their metal roots even more so with their new album Thats The Spirit barley including any influences from their earlier albums, Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season.

Beez continued with how he found this “infuriating” which a lot of people in the audience agreed with and understood.

Louder Than Words was a great experience and it was very eye opening to hear about so many successful careers and how they are all so unique with spontaneous twists and turns. I hope to have the opportunity to attend this festival again next year.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work in the music industry one day… or even if you just enjoy hearing first hand stories about the life of touring with Slipknot… or to get a heads up on what issues you may encounter while photographing Motley Crue… or if you simply fancy having a casual chat with the original drummer of The Jam.

Words by Lydia Smedley

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