The Academic are fast growing a positive reputation for themselves with their effervescent brand of indie pop. The four-piece from Mullingar have already played a string of UK shows as well as extensively touring their Irish home country, and now comes the release of their debut EP, Loose Friends.

Lead single and EP opener Different is a sonic attack with its surging guitars and energetic percussion. It’s been the breakthrough track for the quartet this year, with the song going down a storm at UK festivals like The Great Escape and Y Not? as well as earning them performances on prime time television back in their native Ireland.

In October the band first debuted Northern Boy, which on the surface seems more mellow until those trademark electrifying riffs make and appearance. It’s the second song on Loose Friends and sees the four-piece at their most vulnerable with frontman Craig Fitzgerald pleading: “I don’t get the way you feel, this ain’t a movie reel.”

The first of three new studio tracks is Sometimes. The song is a straight up indie pop banger while second new track Chasers fizzes with upbeat guitars and striking basslines with Fitzgerald’s Irish accent creeping through on the vocals as he sings: “your world is on fire but you’ve still got your youth.”

The final track is Thought I Told You. Lingering basslines and subtle synths provide a bed for the distant vocals: “I thought I told you just to disappear, I thought I told you just to run away”, bringing the EP to an unexpected melancholic end.

After a series of successful live shows, Loose Friends just cements The Academic’s status further as one of the more exciting indie bands around at the moment.

Listen to Different below:

Words by Shannon Cotton

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