Dan Spitz has shown his disgust across social media at Anthrax’ recent interviews. Two interviews about Anthrax’s earlier career were released and Spitz replied with very strong comments.

In a 2014 interview, current Anthrax drummer Benante claims he wrote most of the music on early Anthrax albums – when Spitz was in the band. He also disputes claims by Scott Ian that he wrote the lyrics while Benante penned the music on 1987 album “Among the Living.” Addressing Scott Ian, Spitz says: “Fairy tale tellers. Play my riffs, play my harmonies, tell us all the scales I used, play one lead on any Anthrax song from “Fistful of Metal” through “Sound Of White Noise”. Give it a shot.”

The uproar caused by Spitz could lead to legal action for the band however Anthrax made no comment on the situation. The bands supporters are not happy about the news, one fan Doug Maurath had this to say: “To not even mention him, as if he were never in the band is just beyond ridiculous… How can they deny his huge participation in shaping the ‘sound’ of the band or even further – A whole “genre” – Unbelievable!”

On a more positive note, Anthrax will be releasing their 11th album on February 26th 2016 through Megaforce Records.

Words by Charlotte Griffiths

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