After a countdown which lasted a fortnight and numerous online teases, The 1975 have finally unveiled new single Love Me.

The first track taken from the quartet’s second LP is fizzing with abstract synths and fluorescent guitars and includes inspired hints of everything from Prince to Bowie.

The Manchester band have always had a nod to the eighties within their tracks. Frontman Matty Healy has professed several times that they wanted their self-titled debut to sound like the soundtrack to an eighties teen movie – but Love Me has to be the most eighties inspired yet.

However the nostalgic sound is somewhat juxtaposed with Healy’s lyrics about the hyperreal elements of the 21st century as he drawls: “I’m just with my friends online and there’s things we’d like to change”.

Essentially Love Me is about narcissism. When describing the track Healy confessed: “it’s the things that have happened to us and the people we’ve become.” Before continuing: “we wanted to evolve with our fans and we couldn’t do that without making a statement about what it’s been like.”

The sophomore effort titled I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, is due for release in February next year.

Speaking about the potential 17 tracks on their forthcoming album Healy said “each track is very, very different”. He continued: “we’ve embraced everything that we are, which is quite eclectic, weird, kind of magpies of pop culture”.

Stream a snippet of Love Me below:

Words by Shannon Cotton

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