First record I ever bought…  The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

“It was probably something like The Kook’s first album… I’d heard all The Beatles and Stones stuff through my dad so there was no real need to buy them”

The song that inspired me to be a musician… The Beatles – She Loves You

“When you watch all their early footage of them lads it’s just amazing. All the banter they have between them and the mania; it’s a young lads dream”

The song that makes me sad… Alex Turner – Stuck On The Puzzle

“There’s some pretty sad lyrics in this one. The Submarine soundtrack is up there with some of the best stuff he’s done, it comes across as very bare and honest”

First song I remember hearing…The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

“Purely because I was very little”

The song I want played at my funeral… John Lennon – Imagine

“This is a bit of a sad one… I’d probably go really extreme and do something like Imagine. I haven’t really thought about this one too much as I don’t like thinking about death”

The song that reminds me of home… The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

“Being a Londoner, I’ve got to say this one. It’s obvious but it does actually remind me of home. It’s one of my favourite songs of all time”

The song I do at karaoke… Frank Sinatra – My Way

“I’d probably try and torture something ridiculous like this. I don’t do karaoke as I can’t sing so if it came to the point where I was in that situation it wouldn’t really matter what I was singing because I’d be in a right state”

The song I can’t stand listening to… James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

“God, there’s a few, but he does my nut in. For ages I hated Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol as well because it was just overplayed everywhere. That one drove me crazy as well”

The song that best sums up The Turning… The Turning – Stand Clear Of My Mind

“Purely because it is our best song, haha”

The song I wish I’d written… Lou Reed – Perfect Day

“This is a hard one, there’s hundreds. Happy Birthday is the richest song of all time so I’m tempted to say that. I’m really into Lou Reed at the moment but maybe something like Perfect Day. I’d be a very happy man if I wrote that”

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