Fans of electronic or acid house listen up. Kibaflexx is who you’ve been looking for. Known to family and friends as Mufaro Jayaguru, he’s a 19-year-old student from Rochester who studies electronic music production at ACM in Guilford. Being a student working in studios and seeing other older students work, he said “it’s pretty cool and it’s really motivated me to release a new EP soon and start DJ’ing.”  I briefly spoke to Kibaflexx about how he got into making his own music and who his biggest influences were.

Jayaguru told me that he had started singing in a band when he was about 15 and had done a couple projects alongside that I ended up at college doing music tech and that’s when I got into electronic music production.” He then released a three track acid house EP with a fourth remix track by another artist called Sh?m: “the EP’s called afterTHOUGHT and I’m Kibaflexx” he says with a charming smile.

Being highly influenced and driven by artists such as Kayne West, Flying Lotus, Kid Cudi and Kavinsky, you can here subtle elements of each of those artists throughout his remixes and tracks.

Watch this space Mr West…

You can check out Kibaflexx on his BandCamp right now: http://kibaflexx.bandcamp.com/

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