London based prog Metal band Echelon; have been on the scene since August 2014. They are currently recording and writing new content which will be on their EP Demo. They performed one of their most important gigs on November 14th in the Cavendish Arms, Stockwell so I caught up with the vocalist Louis Ross, to ask him a few questions about how they started and who their main influences on the prog Metal scene are.

They’re a 5-piece band consisting of Louis Ross on Vocals, Reece Scott on lead guitar, Sam Glynn on rhythm guitar, Joshua Foster on bass and Chris Kyriakos on drums. They formed from a previous band called Astareal, that wasn’t working out too well and when two of the members reshuffled the line up, they ended up how they are now. When they originally started, they were only practicing and playing covers until they started constructing their sound and wrote some originals. Whilst talking to Ross he said: “our influences include several bands, mainly noteworthy such as Animals As Leaders, Intervals, Dream Theatre, Tesseract and Stone Sour (just for lyrics)”.

They recently recorded a new song called Revolution which can be found on their SoundCloud at http://www.soundcloud.com/Sshifterr.

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